The Meross Smart IR Universal Remote Control usually costs $40. In fact, it never deviates from that price. Until now. Amazon's giving you the chance to snag one for just $21.99 when you clip the on-page $2 off coupon and enter promo code UEN52KRW during checkout.

Hey Google, Do The Things

Meross Smart IR Universal Remote Control

Seamless control, a sleek design, and unbeatable savings. Make sure to clip the on-page coupon and enter the code below.

$21.99 $39.99 $Savings Amount Off

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This easy-to-use remote basically replaces your existing IR remotes, and turns the devices they control into app- and voice-controlled tech. Think your TV, fan, cable box, vacuum robot, projector, Xbox, and other items of that nature. As long as they have an IR sensor, they should work with the Meross device.

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The remote supports both Alexa and Google Assistant, but you can also use it with a free app for iOS and Android. Turn devices on and off, or map special controls for things like fan speed, adjusting the volume, or starting a cleaning schedule. There are over 2000 compatible products, with more being added over time, but if your chosen gadget isn't in Meross' library, you can manually teach the remote how to work it. The remote features 360-degree infrared emission with a maximum distance of seven meters.

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