Magnetically mount your phone with this $4 Aukey car mount

The Aukey Car Mount is currently on sale at Amazon for only $3.87 in gray (opens in new tab) or $4.05 in black (opens in new tab) when you enter promo code AUKEYHD8 during checkout. This saves you $5 off this item's average price.

Many car mounts tend to be bulky in one way or another, some can even obstruct your view while driving. Aukey's car mount fits neither of those descriptions and is actually hardly noticeable. About double the size of a quarter, this mount clips into your air vent and doesn't obstruct anything except a bit of air flow.

Instead of holding your phone conventionally, two metal plates are included so you can attach the appropriate one to the back of your phone and then have it magnetically hold to the mount whenever you wish. The mount has a soft rubber padding to ensure that it doesn't scratch your phone.

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Alex Smith
Alex is a graduate from the University of North Florida with a background in sales and merchandising. When he’s not hunting down the next great deals to post on Thrifter, he can be found making music and working on his eBay business.
  • Does this affect wireless or fast charging?
  • From the Amazon link: Note: If you use wireless charging (for compatible phones), the metal plate might interfere with charging. If so, remove the metal plate before charging.
  • The thing is u cant remove ALL the time... Just use for no wireless chsrging phones
  • I've used the spiegan one on my s7edge. And still manage to use wireless charging but had to use the smaller circular metal plate and adjust the placement till it worked. ( Near the bottom of the phone ). But that might not be ideal for when it's on the mount in the car.
  • I wonder if the back of the Moto Z has the same polarity as the piece that would attach to other phones?
  • Sorry, but be careful of anything from Aukey. The last thing I bought from them died 32 days after purchase. It was supposed to be under warranty, so they promised a replacement but didn't send it. Just stopped returning messages. 28 bucks so it wasn't worth more of an effort, but still left a bad taste. A warranty isn't any good if they won't honor it.
  • They've been just fine every time I've dealt with them, including issuing a replacement for a defective case on my Pixel. This is a mount anyway, it can't really stop working 😂
  • My friend had one of these and used it with her GS8 and it stuck without needing to apply a metal base. Is there steel under that Galaxy glass?