The Kaihang 10W fast wireless charging pad is down to $12 on Amazon through this promotional link. The charging pad was selling for as much as $40 in April, and it more often sells for around $15. Today's deal is the best price we've ever seen.

Ditch the cords

Kaihang 10W fast wireless charging pad

At this price, you can put a few different pads in your bedroom, living room, and other places around the house. Never worry about cords again.

$12 $40 $28 off

This pad can work with both the most recent iPhones and Android smartphones as long as they are Qi-certified for wireless charging. It's simple to use, too, as it starts charging the moment you lay your device down on it. The charging pad has a small footprint as it's less than .3 inches thick. It's easy to carry and portable. It also has safety features built in to prevent overheating and other issues that might arise. You'll get a one-year warranty, too.

Don't forget you'll need a good wall adapter to plug into.

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