The Ankway PS4 Controller Charger usually costs $15, but today you can snag one for only $8.99 when you apply code PS4PSPS4 during checkout at Amazon.


Ankway PS4 Controller Charger

Charge two controllers at once. Do it on the cheap.

$9 $15 $6 Off

With coupon: PS4PSPS4

During long gaming sessions, you want to have multiple controllers available just in case. There's nothing more frustrating than scaling a wall or fighting a dragon and seeing that nagging notification telling you that your controller battery is depleted. This dual charger will charge your DualShock controllers quickly and efficiently, and there's a handy LED light that lets you know the status of your batteries. Simply plug the charger in, connect your controller, and you're good to go. There are safeguards built in to protect your gear. Your purchase comes with an 18-month warranty, too.

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