Think Google Assistant talks too much? The company has a fix for that

A phone screen showing Google Assistant options
A phone screen showing Google Assistant options (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Some users report seeing a new setting that lets you ask Google Assistant to provide shorter responses to your queries.
  • Only Pixel 4 owners with the new Assistant seem to have the option enabled.
  • The new feature might not be entirely polished in its current state.

Is Google's digital assistant a little too verbose for your liking? You're not the only one, and Google's aware of the criticism. The company is currently testing a feature on the new Pixel 4s that will make the Assistant a little less talkative.

Android Police reports seeing a new setting on the Pixel 4 that can make Assistant's responses 'brief.' The change seems aimed at extending to phones the functionality Google has brought to Routines and smart home features earlier this year.

If you own a Pixel 4 and are sporting the new Assistant experience — and there are plenty of reasons why you might not be — head over to the digital assistant's setting's page, and you might see a new Speech Output option called 'brief.' Turn it on, and Assistant should be less wordy in its affirmations to your imperial commands.

However, as it stands, Google may need to work out some kinks, as turning the option on currently makes the virtual assistant perhaps a little too laconic. Even queries about the weather or the time are met with an awkward silence, something Google will hopefully fix soon. Though, when it is finally polished, the new feature might just save you a lot of unnecessary waiting on your 'imaginary' friend.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji