Galaxy S7 edge camera lens case

The Galaxy S7 is shaping up to have a wonderful camera experience that can even best the already-great Galaxy S6, and Samsung is leveraging that focus on camera quality with a new case. We've seen clip-on and magnetic camera lens attachments for phones before, and now Samsung is offering up its own take on the idea with these screw-on lenses that attach directly to a thin silicone case.

What would normally be a very simple snap-on case with a leather-like rubberized texture on the outside transforms into something much more interesting when you take a look closer at the screw-in threads surrounding the phone's camera lens. Those threads let you attach one of two different lens attachments that dramatically change the photos you can take with this phone — a telephoto for longer-distance shots, and a super wide-angle lens for closeups and, well, wide shots.

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These high-quality lenses sport a metal exterior and typically solid Samsung camera build quality, which matches the great hardware of the phone itself. And because the lenses are designed specifically for these phones, you won't encounter any issues with visual inconsistency or problems attaching them. Just screw the lens tightly into the case and you've completely changed the dynamic of the photos you can shoot, then when you want to go back to a thinner profile the lens comes off and your phone works normally.

We're extremely excited to spend more time with the Galaxy S7's camera and these two lenses that can mix things up. At this point we're unsure of exact pricing and availability of the case and associated lenses, but expect to know more as the phone's launch nears.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge


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