While we still need to wait until February 9 to get all the details of Android Wear 2.0 and the new watches that are coming with it, this is probably what LG's Watch Sport and Watch Style will look like.

The photo, published by Techno Buffalo, shows two distinct watches that line up with all the past leaks and tidbits of information we've seen about them.

The LG Watch Style (pictured on the right) is a smaller version with no additional buttons and a strap that appears to be leather. We imagine you'll have several different straps to choose from, as well as different finishes for the watch body itself.

On the left, the LG Watch Sport looks to be taking on Samsung's Gear S line. It's shown in a metal and rubber configuration and is a good bit larger than the Style version. Like the Style, we expect to be able to buy one with a choice of bands and finishes.

LG was a launch partner for Android Wear when it debuted, and it's no surprise that they are one of the first companies out of the gate with a 2.0 watch. They've been committed to the platform and already offer some great choices in their G Watch line. It will be interesting to see what Android Wear 2.0 and LG can bring to the table to refresh a wearables market that's not seeing much (if any) growth. We'll know more in a few weeks.