There's a whole new privacy policy in the Nextbit Robin Nougat update

There's some language in the Nougat update for the Nextbit Robin, which rapidly moved from final beta to public release in the last 24 hours, explaining a small change in the privacy policy due thanks to the new parent company. Now that Razer owns Nextbit, all of the legal details surrounding how a phone is used falls to Razer. The privacy policy itself isn't wildly different from the Nextbit policy you probably didn't read when you first got the phone, but it's an important detail to note.

It's not clear how much control Razer is going to give Nextbit when it comes to future hardware or software decisions. Razer has trouble expanding its color palette beyond matte black and lime green without the help of 1,000 LEDs, and Nextbit's design language is wildly different. One of the biggest things to watch as these two groups influence one another is how that design language will change on both ends. As cool as it would be to see Nextbit's use of brighter colors and softer edges rub off on Razer, a rugged-looking dystopian future super soldier communicator isn't impossible.

Nextbit Robin review

Either way, the Nougat update is available now if you head to Settings>About Phone>Software Update and hit Check For Updates. It's a big download, and is going to take about 20 minutes to fully install, but Nextbit has put a lot of love into making Nougat great for this phone so grab it quick as you can.

Russell Holly

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