What you need to know

  • The first hands-on picture of the Pixel 4 has been shared.
  • Google's apparently sticking with a large-ish forehead for the display.
  • Unsurprisingly, the design matches up with Google's official render.

On June 12, Google took the rumor mill by storm and shared an official render of the upcoming Pixel 4. Just a couple of days later, we now have our first hands-on picture of the phone.

Shared by 9to5Google, the above photo showcases the back of the Pixel 4 in what appears to be Google's iconic fabric case. We can see the large rear camera hump and the LED flash at the bottom of it, but that's about it.

In regards to the front of the Pixel 4, 9to5Google notes:

Our tipster further shared that the device was spotted in London, but no other images were taken of the device. They were able to get a quick peek at the front of the device and confirmed that the rumored "forehead" did indeed seem large and still had the two front facing cameras from last year's model.

We've yet to see the front of the Pixel 4 outside of concept renders, but rumors have been suggesting that it'll potentially abandon the Pixel 3 XL's gigantic notch in favor of a traditional forehead and chin around the display.

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As for some features we're expecting, we can look forward to two rear cameras, Android Q likely being available out of the box, and Google's "Soli" sensor that'll likely allow for air gestures of some kind.

And, despite Google sharing a render for the Pixel 4 this early on, we're still not expecting the phone until sometime in October.

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