Tegra Note 7

Chimera computational photography architecture support for always on HDR now enabled

Nvidia has a little holiday gift for everyone with a Tegra Note 7 this morning. The Android 4.3 update is pushing out, and it brings along two notable enhancements — and improved stylus experience, and the Tegra 4 specific AOHDR (Always On High Dynamic Range) camera mode.

The DirectStylus enhancements start with the addition of a left-handed mode, which should help reject errant touches for all the southpaws out there. There is also a new help entry for the DirectStylus in the device settings to help answer any general questions, and the overall stylus response has been improved. In addition, there is also a new stylus removal and insertion notification, and screen capture now has the option to include the notification bar.

The new AOHDR feature is a Tegra 4 exclusive that allows the camera to better capture low light and bright light areas. As part of the Chimera computational photography architecture, AOHDR allows the user to take a full dynamic range picture in just one shot, with a real-time on-screen preview. This should reduce the slight blur often introduced with normal HDR photos that need two or more exposures to create the final product.

Other listed changes include video capture stabilization, improved camera performance under certain lighting conditions, and the ability to move application data to the SD card

The OTA should begin pushing now, so if you picked up a Tegra Note be sure to check for updates!

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