Teaser video shows off OGT Eros -- 'world's thinnest tablet' tablet

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Although we've caught a glimpse of the upcoming OGT Tablet -- now named Eros -- the mystery and specs surrounding this device were certainly enough to make us want another look at it. No, we don't have a full and complete hands-on with it for you all as of yet but -- OGT has posted up their teaser video just to double check our interest.

If you missed it the first time around, "the world's thinnest Android tablet" packs a 1GHz processor, microSD card slot along with front and rear facing cameras and a 188 ppi (pixels per inch) display. Needless to say -- we're still interested OGT but we'll need one soon to stay that way, the market is growing.

  • "Eros" is "sore" spelled backwards.
  • The f@#k is OGT???
  • "Some call it something killer..."
    "Some call it beyond magical..." Did some no-name company just call their tablet an iPad killer?
  • Wow, their website is even less informative than that ridiculous video.
  • It doesn't look that thin in the original video..
  • wow...I call it a waste of 42 seconds. Why even waste your time posting something like that???
  • This is by far the most useless video and news post I have ever seen.
  • Seriously, the "Eros"? Why don't they just call it "Hard Cock" or something? Jeez.
  • Wait....1GHz, dual core, right? Because 1GHz by itself probably wont survive long with what's already out....
  • I call that 42 seconds of my life I want back... -Suntan