Services like Android and Samsung Pay are likely what you use the most for paying with your phone at stores, gas stations, and more, but then you have things like Walmart Pay that are proprietary ways of using your phone to pay for things at specific stores.

Target just released its own proprietary payment service in the form of Wallet, and although having to keep track of yet another mobile payment solution might sound like a hassle, Wallet actually looks like a pretty good gig for avid Target shoppers.

Wallet is available within the main Target app, but unlike something such as Walmart Pay, you can only add a Target REDcard as a payment method. Target's REDcard is available as either a credit card or debit card that's linked up to your bank account, and the big draw to it is that you get a 5% discount whenever you use it at Target.

Wallet also ties into Cartwheel (Target's digital coupon clipping service), so when you scan your barcode at checkout, you can pay and have your coupons apply in one single action. You can't currently add gift cards to Wallet, but Target says this functionality is coming soon.

Target Wallet is available to use starting today on Android and iOS.

If you shop at Target, does this sound like something you'd be interested in?

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