Take a look at James Bond's gadgets with a Google Cardboard tour of Q's Workshop

If you were a fan of the latest James Bond flick, SPECTRE, you can now get a close-up look at Q's workshop with a 360-degree walkthrough compatible with Google Cardboard.

Throughout the short walkthrough, you can check take a look all around the workshop, getting a glance at Q's desk and a number of special vehicles used by James Bond himself. The entire experience culminates in a close-up look at Bond's Aston Martin DB10 as a set of doors slowly unveils the car.

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You can check out the short trip through Q's workshop by clicking through the link below. The experience works on desktop, but you can get a more immersive look by opening the link in Chrome on your phone, tapping the Google Cardboard icon, and slotting the phone into your viewer.

Take a trip through Q's Workshop with Google Cardboard