Taiwan Central Bank Governor asks state to help HTC

HTC is having a bit of a rough patch on the financial side, and Taiwan's Central Bank Governor Perng Fai-nan has asked the government to step in and offer an assist, saying the smartphone manufacturer's financial status is "of vital importance to the islands' gross domestic product" according to the Commercial Times.

At a meeting with the cabinet, Perng reportedly said the decline of HTC is a leading factor for Taiwan's slowing exports, and he thinks the government should step in and offer some help. Exports form Taiwan for the month of July are down 11.6-percent from the same time last year, and have declined for five straight months. 

According to an unnamed government official, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is already discussing measures to assist. Regardless of how you feel about bail-outs or government assistance, we certainly don't want to see HTC go away any time soon. Choice is one of Android's greatest strengths, and plenty of us are enamored with HTC's offerings.

Source: Commercial Times (Chinese); via Android Central forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Wow, not looking good for HTC. That disappoints me, they are my favorite manufacturer. I just love the build quality. Hopefully they get a chance to make the next Nexus, that might help.
  • Yeah I wonder if Google might go with HTC for the following Nexus. Seems they won't be going with Samsung this time around.
  • I hope not... HTC's build quality is actually one of the worst (just because they use metal doesn't mean its built well) also battery life is a joke with htc, I say let the company burn they knew they were making crap so let Samsung win over the monopoly at this point.
  • What a stupid post. So one of the main advantages of android in choice should be reduced simply because you don't like the company? The plastic used on my HOX feels much better than the greasy plastic I get with the S3 too. Also battery life is stellar and my interface looks attractive and consistent, unlike what Samsung puts out as their flagship nowadays.
  • Sorry double post
  • I know that ain't America
    But END THE FED.
    Why be attached to a corporation AC? O because Romney said corporations are people too. Lol Someone will always come along and do it better
  • interesting ive owned 2 htc's and had issues of battery life with each of them. My friend had an htc and had the same issue. Has kinda steered me clear of htc but i would stil hate to see any manufacturer of android have to leave the game
  • First of all the need to drop Sense. It's dragging the company down. Second they need to drop Windows Phone. Out of misplaced loyalty to Microsoft they have stuck with Windows Phone and now loose money on every Windows Phone they make. Finally they need to be more aggressive with pushing out models. Samsung always gets there Flagship Phone onto every carrier while the One X only came out on AT&T and the Evo variation on Sprint. They also said they were only going to have the One brand going forward but in less than a year they caved in to Sprint and Verizon on styling and branding. The One X was a descent start but they need to get a HTC Nexus class device out onto every carrier. It is their only real want to see sales increase.
  • i dunno if they will leave the game but i either see bankruptcy in the near future or someone buying them out. the main problem with htc is too many smartphones "same design" being released and not supporting existing phones. the rezound comes to mind. anyways, sad news.
  • You're kidding right? They're still profitable and they're sitting on a fair sum of money. Sony's in more trouble than HTC.
  • When I bought my rezound I did research against the competition before I payed the money.sd card and removable battery plus voice and data won me over but most people just buy what they see on tv.If they learned how to market their phones they wouldn't be in the shitter.All I saw on tv were half ass attempts to sell phones with beats.
  • I am so tired of hearing people say they like HTC because of their great build quality. What is so great about their build quality. I have seen so many issues that proved the total opposite. Bad light leakage around screen and soft keys on several models Peeling kickstand on phones only a few months old Creaky battery covers and battery covers that get loose and don't fit consistently HTC is in serious trouble for many reasons. On the software side they need to dispose of Sense abs stop wasting time and money developing it. Spend that money on getting timely updates out to people that just bought 600 dollar devices from you. On the hardware side they need to fix the battery issues. People will not tolerate phones that are dead in 4 hours anymore. HTC is dying for a simple reason. They have chosen not to give customers what they want. I have said this many times, if they keep doing what they are doing the will be joining RIM
  • jcast, i couldnt agree more with you about this htc build quality crap.
  • There are several more hardware issues that are common, those are just the ones that came to mind first. HTC has really fallen off and made some garbage products lately. But what's even worse is that their biggest competition has stepped it up several notches. HTC has shown by their decisions and products that they don't care what the customer wants and are more concerned about gimmicks. Beats? Really? F Beats and update your phones that are current models and still running GB.
  • Historically, HTC has been one of the best OEM's as far as updates go. I believe they had the first non-Nexus phone updated to ICS in the HTC Vivid, for example. Also, you must remember that only we (the Android enthusiasts) care about updates. When my sister's Nexus S 4G got updated to ICS ("Finally!" we thought), she was a little frustrated because she "had to learn how to use her phone all over again." She is much more representative of the average smartphone owner than you and I are.
  • That is not true at all. The so called average user is not dumb like years ago. I know many people that are not what you call enthusiasts and they are wondering why their phones are not being updated to the latest OS. The current consumer is much smarter than you give them credit for. It's that type of thinking that puts companies like HTC out of business. Trying to fool customers and cut corners will not work in this industry anymore.
  • That is so far from the truth. Speaking as someone who works with the general public on their phones, they don't know the difference between ics and gb. They don't care. And more often than not they are frustrated when these updates change the operation they had just gotten used to. Those who care about software updates are in the minority. That's a fact as much as you may not like to believe that. I've had numerous people not even know an update was available on their phone and walk around with the update notification for a while until they came and asked what it meant.
  • I am not saying they know the technical differences between software versions, BUT they do know the difference between features added. Here is an example. My sister wants to know why video does not work on her phone even though she has a front camera. It's because it's not supported on her version. Her question to me was 'well how do I update it so it works' So yes even the people that don't care about what the software is called or numbered want the latest version for the feature set.
  • They reduced the amount of overall phones they've released this year which should make providing updates much easier than with part generations of phones, I have little to no confidence in Samsung getting updates to their enormous lineup with any timeliness ... Let's see if the S2 gets jelly bean at all although it should entirely be capable of handling it.
  • Had a Dinc, loved it. I didn't like anything I saw them come out with after that. Considered the Rezound, but looking at the screen was like looking at a mud puddle, needed my AMOLED. Now have a GNex.
  • You really need to have your vision checked
  • why dont all of you htc loyalist each donate $5 to
    the companies funds. lol should have took a few
    notes from their top dog bretherens samsung. it
    would have been all good...all in the android family.
  • Really? The screen is the best part of the ReZound and the worst part of the GNex
  • It has pixels, but it lacks the bright vibrant colors that AMOLED gives you. The whites are less white, the blacks are less black, and the view angles are slimmer.
  • That's just it. The colors are not natural on the GNex. They are way over saturated. And I would not call the whites on the GNex white at all. They are blue. The only thing that looks as it should are the blacks. Every other color is over saturated. Colors are much more natural and realistic on the ReZound
  • Not this 'unatural colours' thing again. You dont want natural colours on a phone, its a small screen, you want pop and vibrancy. Its not an HDTV for watching movies on, that needs to be calibrated. Most LCD phone screens are dull and grey including SLCDs and and other IPS type.
  • Actually you are wrong. Most people ARE using their phones to watch media on. So why would you not want the colors to look accurate. That is the one thing that HTC has done right. SLCD is a much better choice than AMOLED. It's the rest of the design, hardware and software decisions that has resulted in HTC quickly declining market share.
  • No, worst part of the Galaxy Nexus is the camera. One reason I opted for this EVO instead.
  • Sense gives you what pure android lacks
  • True. It added something that eats memory, creates lag, drains the battery and doubles the size of the ROM. That's what we all want.
  • +1
  • @jcastagnino Best reply on here! Be gone HTC be gone. Every HTC phone i've had has sucked. Instead they should use that money and donate it to everyone that bought a POS HTC like the Thunderbolt.
  • Hardware among OEMs is pretty much at parity, so what happens when they drop sense and theoretically gain sales for it and Samsung is just as easily able to release stock phones? How else can HTC differentiate itself? I wish HTC would give the option to turn it off just to make the android fanboys stfu.
  • This is too bad to hear. I don't want to see Htc go down android needs them. But Htc must improve on it's suite of software applications and services on it's devices. Carriers like Verizon are one of the main reasons Htc is down and out due to allowing carriers to strip out services from
    Htc smartphones Ie Htc hub, Htc watch and just providing specific devices for carriers. At least Sprint doesn't make Htc discontinue it's services just to have a smartphone on it network. Htc has to start getting some balls and standing up to carriers like Samsung has.
  • Who's to say they didn't and that as a result Verizon just didn't want to pick up the phones?
  • yeh, hate to hear htc drowning. they are/were a big part of our android ecosystem. while all the htc fans were busy talking down on samsung as ol' sammy headed to the top. it was really htc who was declining blowing away in the wind.
  • Thats a damn shame they probably make the best Android phones!! Hopefully the hardware doesn't start going down hill as well because of this burden!
  • I see a future where HTC is gone,Samsung is making their own OS, making just Windows phones, or either buying or licensing BlackBerry and the main player in Android smartphones will be Googerola. HTC is failing even though they have been releasing some great phones and Apple is trying to sue Samsung out of Android. Apple is the most profitable company in the United States and ultimately that is the business model that will suit Google the best being that they just bought a major hardware manufacturer.
  • But they bought Motorola....yuck! We just had 5 phones break all at the same time last week, all were motorola. I think they are one of the worse android hardware makers here. Every phone I have touched that they made has sucked. The last phone I held that was any good from them was the Razor flip phone. HTC is about the best and maybe Samsung.
  • Keys for HTCs survival: Lessen Sense UI and it's crippingly effect on the system OS( honestly, just leaving the classic clock would be enough to identify your device from the others) Reduce number of models for handsets (do you really need 10 low end devices, several mid range devices, and 3 or more high end devices? No!) Release one flagship device to all carriers without any changes to the exterior for the year (the excuse that the EVO brand was more well known as an excuse for Sprint to rape your baby, the ONE X, is lame. Follow the example of Apple and Samsung.) Put together your own commercials and show what your device can do (carriers suck at marketing phones, their concern is always how good their network is) These things alone could stop the decline of your company.
  • If you ask me, it should have been the other way around. The "Jewel" (the device now known as the EVO) should have been the One X. It added 3 features the "Endeavor" (what's now the One X) lacked: a kickstand, a physical camera button, and a microSD slot. It has a bigger battery, too. You may dismiss the camera button and the kickstand as gimmicks, but I use both all the time. This should have been released worldwide with Tegra 3 and GSM/HSPA+ connectivity.
  • It was just a year ago when we were all hearing how HTC's profits were up so high year over year and now this? I mean they recorded record profit in Q2 2011, what did they do with the $ if they need bailed out so soon by their government?
  • They wasted it on Beats.
  • lmao! yeh beats got that money and ran with it.
  • Relax guys. This is by no mean a bailout. HTC contribute substantially for the country export revenues. They just want government to help to increase HTC sales, maybe by giving incentives to reduce the HTC smartphones price so that it will be competitive. When you can't innovate anymore , then go for price war or start suing people like what Apple do right now.
  • Shhh, don't say that, you'll spoil the hate circlejerk! He's right though, guys. HTC aren't going anywhere.
  • I think they should sell apps/widgets I'd gladly fork over a few dollars to get the sense widgets on my GS2
  • HTC is sucking because all their phones are MEH. instead of having 1 flagship phone they want each carrier to have one. verizon: HTC incredible, Sprint: Evos ATT: Ones......Thing is they are all the same just with a different look. They really dropped it with the Evo. It was the iphone for sprint 2 years ago now with all these revamps and crappy gimmicks the Evo is kind of meh
  • I love HTC, but its recent phones have been very poor. The 2011 models were awful and although the 2012 models are much better they have their issues. There are hardware issues with the One series. The One V SIM/ariel door falls off, the One S finish chips and breaks and the One X flexes and creaks. Ive tried the One X and its just boring, sorry but it is, there is little added value in it despite HTC trying to add features over stock. It gets destroyed by the SGS3.
  • Look, I don't have a specific favorite manufacturer as I buy the phone "I" like best that suits my needs whether it's hardware or software. I've had multiple htc products as well as Samsung and also some moto but after the fiasco with the evo3D I looked away and never looked back. Here's why: I went through 3 touch pro's before I got one that worked. I have 2 og evo's (that's still being used) that still work like intended. But I also went through 3 of them before I got one that didn't have horrible light leakage. Then the Evo 3D. I went through 4 until sprint made me get a different phone. 2 of them would drop calls when I had full bars and go into roaming then back to full bars for no reason. 3 of them had tilted screens and all 4 of them had light leaking at the bottom which looked horrible in a dark setting. The back creaked on all 4 of them and 2 of them wouldn't hold a charge. Point is is that HTC's quality has never really been there. They have been more worried about sense which I think is awsome but bloated beyond repair. I'm sure though that most people have gotten' great HTC products that are perfect in appearance and work/run like a champ but that hasn't been the case for me. When they made me get a new phone I went to the Photon which is still an awsome phone, but the software suckes. Since, I've been rockin Samsung's GS2 and now GS3 and couln't be happier. Not saying sammy is superior over htc but they have worked for me.
  • HTC will be fine.
  • Well isnt that surprising. I mean i own The One X the Galaxy S3 the LG 4X HD und the LG Speed 2X. And the One X is a nice phone problem is that HTC really did almost everything we hate about Apple non removable (horrible life) battery and non removable storage (what you can still cope with). But the non removable Battery is a killer. Specially since this Battery is just plain bad. HTC needs to go back to there older ways and deliever the Boom effect Device and stop copying Dying Apple.
  • My ThunderBolt was awesome until i bricked it!
  • Can't HTC be innovative and make a phone that is as thin as the competition, with a huge battery like the Razr Maxx, and loads of storage like 64Gb + SD CARD SLOT, HD screen, quad core cpu, and 1.5Gb ram? That's a winner. Maybe with Jelly Bean and its project butter goodness, Sense UI will not slow down the device? They should stop making Windows Phones out of loyalty, I can't see them actually making a profit from them.
  • Lets hope they get offered the money then when its due its canceled maybe then they will know what its like to be lead up the garden path. Oh i so hope HTC sell up & its google that buys the company :)
  • I got a HTC One X and I feel it was a huge mistake. I was what could probably be described as a HTC fanboy. However now that I don't seem able to fully unlock my bootloader on a flagship device that was quoted as being "the model for the guys at xda", I'll never recommend another HTC phone again. Quite the opposite in fact, I now go out of my way to tell people to look into alternatives. Pebbles and ripples.
  • “Choice is one of Android's greatest strengths…” Hmm, seems like HTC is mostly offering Apple-rubber-banding and other UI features, or Google Android that you could get from a half dozen other players. That's not choice. If this is what Android's strength is, Android is as weak as HTC. HTC losing money, bigtime. Sony-Ericcson collapsing. Motorola failed and having an arm and a leg amputated. Why? These firms did NOT offer choices that were genuine; they had distinctions without a difference. Maybe Android Central is run by a bunch of tech experts, who are not expected to be savvy about business. But as this article shows, you make business claims that are at odds with the reality that long-term analysts saw coming: that the Google model could prop up competitors to the iPhone for a while, but it could NOT provide a robust business model for firms that weren't actually providing any added-value capabilities. Same as the WindowsPC ecosystem is imploding in profitability. The units keep rolling out, but consumers easily see that the hardware is not anything great to love; it's more a necessary evil that you have to spend money on, so the cheapest functional boxes get all the sales. Too bad for HTC that you can't have a stable equilibrium where many firms all have a defensible share of the Lowest Common Denominator hardware.