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T-Mobile US makes it even cheaper to call overseas

A T-Mobile store sign
A T-Mobile store sign (Image credit: Android Central)

T-Mobile is giving its Simple Choice plan users some cheaper options for international calls. Starting today, they can sign up to get unlimited calling from the US to landlines in over 70 countries for just $5 a month per account, up to 10 lines, with the updated Stateside International Talk option. It's also offering the same plan, plus unlimited calling to mobile phones in over 30 countries and 1,000 minutes to mobile phones in Mexico, for just $10 a month per account.

Simple Plan users can sign up to get these cheap international calling plans from now until the end of 2014, but T-Mobile says that users who do take advantage of this deal will be able to keep those low prices past the promotion date if they continue to keep the Stateside International Talk option on their account.

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  • That's almost better than Skype's Unlimited World plan. My in-laws and I share a single Skype account to call family in one country, which I believe is 7USD per month. While T-Mo's offer is good for 10 of their lines, Skype is not carrier-dependent (and my in-laws are stuck on AT&T).
  • Which of the 70 countries are included?
  • Yeah which 70 countries!!? Inquiring minds wants to know !! *My Sexy Note 4*
  • your link is broken.
  • where is the list of these 70 countries?
  • Man, 1,000 minutes to mobile phones on Mexico for $10/mo is pretty huge. That'll be a big selling point in the southern US. Sent from my Nexus 5, behind six proxies
  • Parents will definitely jump on this with the family over seas Posted via the Android Central App
  • It would be good to know if existing customers who have the older plan will have this auto upgraded?!?! So to summarize and I believe it to be true, we are saving $5 from both the older $10 and $15 plans. The thing that makes this sweet is the new "per account" and not "per line". This is a great deal!
  • Where is the list of 30 countries? Posted via Android Central App
    Check this link. Posted via Android Central App
  • $10 / month for international mobile. For that price, Google Voice gives me 1000 minutes with no time restriction. i'll stick to GV then.
  • I am paying $5 bucks to Google for 250 minutes to landline and a bit more to mobiles. But if I dont use it, I dont lose it :)
  • T-Mobile's doing this to compete with AT&T's future North America calling area. This will give Verizon and especially Sprint customers in the southwest another reason to switch. Posted via Android Central App
  • The earlier $10 and $15 plans would also include international text, it seems like those new $5 and $10 per account only include minutes. I text internationally a lot so that's a bummer for me...
  • International text is included with the regular plan for free it's the calling that is extra Posted via Android Central App
  • I have grandfather plan which unfortunately does not include free international text.
  • It is nice that they include landlines to Sweden there but I pay ¢1 per minute today, which means that one refill of my Google Voice balance ($10) give me 1000 minutes to use - to many countries too.