T-Mobile updates us on its network improvements, including LTE

Dave Mayo, Senior Vice President of Technology for T-Mobile, boasted on the T-Mobile blog today that they've made "great progress in just three short months" since they announced a deal with cell technology companies Ericson and Nokia Siemens Networks to pump $4 billion into its network over the next two years.  Included in the plan is the modernization of 37,000 cell sites and a move to Release-10 capable LTE equipment.  That's right, T-Mobile is going straight to LTE-Advanced, and the trials have already begun.

They also expect to have 400 cell sites upgraded to the latest HSPA+ by the end of the month, with 2,500 being completed by July.  As some people may have noticed, T-Mobile is also conducting small scale tests that will see HSPA+ in the 1900 mHz range, no doubt to help satisfy the millions of iPhones that are in use on their network.  They plan on expanding this to more areas of the country as plans progress.

Now if only we could get some idea of what handsets they'll have to take advantage of these network enhancements.  These enhancements along with some tantalizing new handsets might be enough to keep the subscribers coming.

Source: T-Mobile Blog

Kevin OQuinn
  • Just a short while ago there were people talking about the inevitability of the AT&T merger and that without AT&T, T-Mobile was going away. As a long-time and satisfied T-Mobile customer, I'm glad to see that T-Mobile is not only surviving but expanding. Where are the naysayers now?
  • ^^^
  • You do understand, that ALL of this upgrade was paid for by AT&T don't you? If not, continue your education here
  • No kidding. Your point was what again?
  • Well T-Mobile was given several billion dollars and spectrum for the failed merger, so that helped them a ton.
  • Yes. I'm sure it did. The naysayers said it wouldn't matter.
  • I honestly never thought for a second the merger would go through. I question whether or not tmo knew it wouldnt go through as well. If so, savvy on their part.
  • When wearing my tin-foil hat I often suspect that T-Mo was running around lobbying thru third parties to quash the deal, and big lumbering AT&T was too dumb to see this. T-Mo never for a minute let up on its advertising tweaking AT&Ts beard during the entire process. They never once acted like a team player. They bilked AT&T out of 4 billion.
  • Good for T-Mo!
    (I'm still sticking with Sprint, though)
  • This is very good for T-Mobile!!! Especially going with LTE-Advanced
  • GOOD NEWS! For $30/month prepaid I'll never leave T-Mo.
  • I really wish I could be on Tmo, but geography necessitates that I use one of the big 2...Still planning on going Nexus and prepaid this fall though. Would be really great if the prepaid MVNOs got LTE going; doubt the big guys are going to let that happen though.
  • MetroPCS has LTE devices. Though, if you don't get access where you live, it makes no difference.
  • Wife and I are on VZW with Unlimited LTE, our 3 kids are on Tmobile with HSPA+ and it's great in PHX. If VZW ever takes Unlimited away,(Yes I know as long as I don't renew we should keep it) Tmobile is my choice over the other Big 2. I almost left VZW for the Sensation a while ago.
  • T-Mobile might have great timing here with this network. They are behind the rest but the might have the best timing if they can get this LTE-Advanced network up in every major area within 2 years. They will steal many dissatisfied Verizon and soon AT&T customers away. Yes I know Sprint is still there offering unlimited data and they have the iPhone but T-Mobile has an advantage with their 4G (as well as AT&T) having a higher speed (considered 4G in the US) HSPA+ network as a backup to LTE while for Sprint (Sprint iPhone users can tell you) their CDMA 3G is highly congested and very very slow in populated areas. As far as Verizon's Share Everything plan goes I believe they will be forced into offering at least 1 or 2 additional more feasible options for customers who do not user their phone that much for talk or text.
  • Indeed, good timing. But I wonder about the interoperability. Timing is why the EU ended up with universal GSM, while huge chunks of America are still running CDMA. By skipping that whole fiasco Europe has a better network and is better positioned to go to LTE than is the US. (Even tho they lag behind at the moment). LTE is the 4th network type deployed in the US, Analog cellular, CDMA, GSM, and now LTE. Some smaller companies went thru ALL of them, and rebuilt their system time and time again. By jumping to LTE Advanced, T-Mobile steals a march.
  • I believe you are combining voice and data networks in there. LTE currently does not support Voice, so shouldn't be on your list if you are only talking about voice. If you mean all network technologies, then it seems you are missing missing WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+, EDGE, 1XRt, EvDO Rev.0 and Rev.A, WiMAX... plus a couple more. Also, CDMA uses spectrum more efficiently. I don't see how it's a fiasco.
  • Sprint is going LTE Advanced soon. Once the 800MHz is updated to use LTE they will turn on LTE Advance. 2014 I hear?
  • uh......That is not soon when sprint is still on 3g.
  • Shit with this, I'm about to leave VZW and jump ship if VZW don't fix this taking unlimited plan for us people that have been with them when they were ma bell aka bell and all the other bells before they sold out
  • Looks like you will be leaving
  • Thing is, TMobile can have all the LTE they want, but their network is still limited geographically. I'm with TMobile and often find myself in more rural areas with no signal at all. While my Verizon-using friends are watching YouTube videos, I can't even make a call.
  • Now if only I can get download speeds above 500Kbps on their "4G" network...
  • I get 25 to 30mbps on HSPA+42, you must live in the boonies.
  • If T-Mobiles network coverage was better, they would be the network to be on.
  • If I didn't have multiple dead zones in New Jersey in just the 20 miles between home and work, I would switch to t-mobile in a heart beat.
  • I have tmobile and more often then not edge is the only network availble in a car or bus even though there it 4g on the map. So i dont see how upgrading the network is going to help if they dont expand it to.