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Truly unlimited mobile data is something of a rarity in the UK, so imagine our delight when the Full Monty plan first appeared from T-Mobile. No fair usage limits, and perhaps best of all, all variants of the Full Monty included free and unlimited tethering. Now though, it seems T-Mo UK is quickly backtracking on their "truly unlimited" moniker and taking away tethering from the package.

Speaking to Techradar, a T-Mobile spokesperson had the following to say: 

"From 8th August, tethering is not permitted for new customers under the terms and conditions of the Full Monty.

"We have a range of smartphone and mobile broadband plans that include tethering for customers who want to stay connected on other devices."

So as of yesterday tethering is no more. The spokesperson also declined to comment further on why the U-turn had come about. As it stands now, Three UK once again looks like the best deal to be had, with their One plan still offering unlimited data and inclusive tethering. With Everything Everywhere -- the T-Mobile/Orange UK partnership -- looking to try and offer LTE before the year end, removing tethering from their flagship plan is sure to be a bitter blow to those who may have been holding out. 

Source: Techradar