T-Mobile reportedly in talks to carry Huawei Ideos [video]

T-Mobile USA in in negotiations to carry Huawei's new Ideos handset -- an entry-level Android handset that will ship with Android 2.2, so says the Wall Street Journal. WSJ's unnamed source, however, says that it's unsure if the deal will go through, and to expect the answer in four to six weeks.

Huawei is better know for its telco equipment (that's the stuff your carrier buys for its towers and data centers), and a push to get into the U.S. smartphone market is somewhat new.  Any manufacturer who can ship a solidly built messaging phone replacement, that also runs the latest and greatest version of Android is OK in my book.  Bring it!  We're trying to track one down at IFA, in the meantime hit the jump to see Huawei's promo video for the Ideos. [WSJ online]

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Seems like a amazing entry and mid level Android device. Good to see more Android phones on T-Mobile.
  • Huawei. Sounds like and big famous awesome brand. The whole world biknows about. Hopefully not as horrible as pantech.
  • I'm just glad it's not another thing going to Verizon. I mean, I don't have anything against them or anything, but damn, I feel like over 50% of anything Android-related is exclusively for Verizon these days.
  • The form factor is very much CLIQ XT. T-Mobile is clearly making a marketing statement with this phone and the Motorola CHARM... "lets go after the pre-teen and teen market". I personally think its a great strategy. Present a lower price point then the iPhone with a variety of products to choose from and... have them be Android devices... which everyone seems to want right now. With the myTouch 3G Slide, the new Samsung phone and the G2 on its way T-Mobile will have a well rounded product catagory in terms of Android based phones... from lower end to higher end price choices. Just as an aside... someone in my office just picked up the iPhone 4 (after their 1st Gen iPhone was dropped and broken) and after a week said, "I am so over the iPhone... I can't wait for one of our family plan upgrades to come around so I can move to an Android phone". I think a lot of people are thinking that way.