T-Mobile takes to the sky in effort to protest overage charges

A T-Mobile store sign
A T-Mobile store sign (Image credit: Android Central)

Today, we sent @Verizon a message they couldn't ignore… right over their headquarters. #AbolishOverages!! https://t.co/zSAQGrKxGA— John Legere (@JohnLegere) October 26, 2015

T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to a vlog today to continue to call out other carriers for their overage charges, specifically calling out AT&T and Verizon. In the vlog, Legere talks about his recent petition to end carrier overages, which garnered more than 330,000 signatures.

After laying out a few choice words for AT&T and Verizon, and pointing out that those two along with Sprint pulled in $1.5 billion in overage charges last year, Legere had a bit of stunt in store. To celebrate gathering so many signatures, Legere and T-Mobile hired a team to skywrite a message to Verizon and AT&T over their headquarters about the problem.

It's questionable whether a bit of writing in the sky will have any effect on overages, but Legere's provocation is entertaining if nothing else. Be sure to check out the video above for more.

Source: T-Mobile

Dan Thorp-Lancaster