T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant hands-on

The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant was the first of the Galaxy S line of Android smartphones to be released in the United States, and it's quickly becoming one of our favorites of the year. Its 4-inch screen is just about the perfect size. Not too large, and far from small. It sports a rounded design (as opposed to its more gangly cousin, the AT&T Captivate), and so it's easy to hold. It has the newfangled Super AMOLED touchscreen, which in addition to having some pretty darn good colors, is also pretty visible outdoors and might or might not produce a small puppy on command.

After the break, we take a walk around the block with the T-Mobile Vibrant, do a few side-by-sides with some of the other hot Android smartphones available today, and basically have ourselves a nice little lovefest. Let's go!

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  • sweet. i like this phone, but im holding off for dual core
  • I got mine last thursday and I love it. All my friends and co-workers are really impressed by the phone as well. I've only found a few bugs so far, but nothing major and hopefully they will be corrected in the near future.
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  • any notification light?
  • I love my samsung vibrant. I got it on the first day that it came out. My only two gripes about this amazing phone is that it lacks flash for the camera and no led light to alert me of a missed call, email, or text message if I have my phone on silent or I didn't hear the set sound for the given alert. I hate having to check my phone periodically while at work where I have to keep it on silent mode. I would hope that someone comes out with a way to allow one or more of the soft keys at the bottom of the phone to illuminate when I have a new message or missed call.
  • look at that lag on the captivate when going through the screens. I read about this but I am glad I finally got to see it. 8:22
  • The phone was still loading up (preparing SD card and whatnot), that's why it lagged a little.
  • the phone just booted up. Things were still loading. I didn't see anything to cry about.
  • Its also got the live wallpaper in the background that usually slows things down a bit.
  • I normally don't name call but when someone makes a comment about something they know nothing about I have to call them out on it. You my friend are a moron. Go back to 8:22 and tell me what you see in the notification area. I will tell you (Scanning Device for Media). The device is still loading it's SD card and starting all of it's services. Of course it's going to lag. Next time, think before you spew off at the mouth and slander a product.
  • THE VIBRANT IS one SEXY BEAST... Even though I have the EVO (i'll deal with my washed out screen lol no worries) . . . But Sammy did a really good job on the Galaxy S line.. NOW!... AC! You are a PREMIER ANDROID SITE... WE NEED A "REVIEW"! not a "HANDS ON" Thanks you. Still my favorite Android site.
  • the main reason I didn't bother with the evo was the low color 16 bit screen. That and the lack of keypad and poor gpu.
  • I'm sure Phil would say "You review one Galaxy S phone, you reviewed them all." Although it would've been nice for him to pull up the Application settings for the Vibrant and Captivate and showed them side by side.
  • I'd like to see a comparison between the AT&T and T-Mobile Galaxy S phones (I need a GSM phone and this is very tempting).
  • Micro -> Standard SD adapter. Thank you. And video playback looked amazazing.
  • Phil, Please try using the GPS (while walking) and the Compass. You're up for a very big surprise :(
  • That the GPS doesn't work? This happened to me but after updating Google Maps and the navigation, it seemed to fix the problem.
  • It is actually working but the accuracy is somewhat off. Have you checked how many satellite locks do you get? People are complaining about a limited 3-4 locks, sometimes not even locking when 8-12 are available. You could check, but I'm not sure if you'll be having problems. When you are driving, you might not have the problem. But when walking or hiking, you might see what I'm talking about.
  • Walked all around Baltimore City today (3.5 miles in total) and had no issues with the GPS. I don't mean to take you for a idiot but did you go through your settings and turn your GPS on? I know when the GPS is off it will only lock on to 1 or 2 satellites to acquire your round about location but when you enable your GPS it locks on to many more.
  • Wifi! to open the browser seeing slow wow! didn't expect that, however nice phone, nice screen lag between home screen? damn
  • Hey does anyone know if the Vibrant does video output via 3.5mm head jack like the samsung galaxy s?
  • Yes it does have that feature.
  • I had mixed feelings watching this video.
    Sadness to see this technically awesome phone running Android 2.1 because I see it stuttering or being slow to respond in so many ways in this video. I may not have noticed or cared about any of that if I wasn't used to 2.2/Froyo on my Nexus One where everything seems more smooth and instantaneous.
    So yeah, that brings me to the positive side; that yay my phone is still fast even if it doesn't have a Hummingbird inside :) And yay to hear that these awesome Samsung phones will have 2.2/Froyo at some point and be even more awesome than my Nexus One :)
    Oh and I drool over that 4" Super AMOLED and 16 GIG of internal mem PLUS SD card, although I must admit I haven't even come close to filling up the 512 MB internal memory of my Nexus One. So I'm going to wait until I can get a combination of all those features plus a flash and 4.3" screen and front-facing camera. I'm mystified as to why Samsung chose to leave an LED flash off that phone and only put a front-facing camera on one model. IMHO if they had put both those items on every phone, they would have had a candidate for [spec-wise] the... Best Phone In The Universe
  • Good... I wanted a new puppy.
  • Looks like a big iPhone 3GS.
  • Does this have an input option besides Swype? Swype doesn't have the voice to text option which I don't like at all. The no LED notification light would be a deal killer for me, but my wife doesn't care about that, so I am thinking about buying this for my wife. Looks like a nice Android phone other than that. We can live without the flash.
  • Yes, it has the Android keyboard and the Samsung keyboard. I didn't like using Swype on the MyTouch I had because it lagged. However the Swype keyboard on this thing flys whether you use at like a regular keyboard or use it to swype.
  • I went to AT&T today to play with this phone and I love it. I'm gettin one the first day Verizon releases it and hopefully it will already have Froyo on it.
  • I see some of you complaining about lag. I really don't know what you all are doing to your devices but mine hasn't lagged since I've had it. Maybe it's because I do a soft reset every night when I go to bed. Who knows. I think it might be time for some of you to check out the apps you have loaded on your devices and delete the ones that are accessing un-needed services.
  • Eye candy and smoothness, if not done efficiently will generally lead to some lag and it is evident in the touchwiz UI. The first thing I'd do with this phone is change the launcher to something like Launcher Pro or Adw. The hardware is more than capable, just Samsung chose flashiness and smoothness over performance. It's like the CPU has to work overtime with every swipe.
  • i ordered mine friday, cant wait till it comes in!
  • how i can order it! it looks beautiful!
  • I got the Vibrant for my wife and I on Thursday July 15th, the launch day for T-Mobile. The Vibrants are replacing both our unlocked 1st generation iPhones that we have been using since the iPhone 1st came out. The Vibrant is the first Android phone that I have owned and for that matter ever even touched. I was going to get the iPhone 4, but couldn't bare staying with a company that displays so much arrogance as what Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. have been showing the last few weeks with regard to antennagate. As soon as I left the T-Mobile store with my Vibrants, I headed straight to the AT&T store to see if I would be having buyers remorse. Quite the contrary. While comparing the Vibrant with the iPhone 4, some customers standing next to me looked over at my phone with amazement. They asked me if they could look at it and compared it to the iPhone as I was doing. They then wanted a Vibrant and asked me where I got it. I told them from T-Mobile and that there were only 6 left as today was the release day. They promptly left for the T-Mobile store. As for how I like the phone, it is fantastic. Vibrant is an appropriate name for the phone, because it is definitely Vibrant. To be honest, the phone was a bit overwhelming to me at first. I am just starting to figure out how I want to organize my home screens. Now when I turn on my iPhone, I think it looks like an old version of Windows or something compared to the Vibrant. The Vibrant's OS seams to have a more airy feel to it. Some things that I don't like are:
    The placement of the power switch, I think it should be on the top edge of the phone, not the side. No flash. Why did they not put a flash on this phone is beyond me. And when you are done with a lengthy phone call the screen doesn't come back on, you have to push the power button to turn it back on so that you can confirm your call is complete.
  • Damn when is the Epic 4G coming out urgh. Please by August cuz it will suck to go back to school without my Epic :-(
  • i love how people are nitpicking about lag, while its still loading in the background. I can tell you from hands on experience it doesnt lag on normal use. I should be getting mine delivered today.. I cant frikkin wait. Then its over to XDA to find a 2.2 hack :)
  • This is my dream phone..can't wait for froyo!!