T-Mobile Roadmap Shows Visual Voicemail Is On Its Way!

If you're a fan of visual voicemail (and who isn't?) you'll be happy to hear that Visual Voicemail is coming to T-Mobile. According to T-Mobile's roadmap (which details dates on other T-Mobile phones), Visual Voicemail is supposed to launch this July. If you're unfamiliar with what Visual Voicemail is and does, just know that it makes Voicemail a heck of a lot more bearable--it's basically visual, voicemail (duh).

We have no idea which phones will be able to take advantage of this great feature or if it'll cost extra but we know that it's pretty darn nifty. If you find yourself digging through voicemail that's buried under menus and keypad commands, it's probably going to be worth it.

Are you guys excited about Visual Voicemail to T-Mobile or do you guys use another solution like PhoneFusion's Visual Voicemail?


Casey Chan