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T-Mobile resumes sales of Sony Xperia Z3; available now for $499

T-Mobile began selling the Xperia Z3 in October 2014, but then pulled the phone from sale earlier this month, after just six months on the market. The Z3 is once again available from the "Un-carrier", though for a reduced up-front price of $499, down from its original $630.

T-Mobile did not state their reason for discontinuing sales of the device, and have yet to comment on the phone being back in stock. Given this move from T-Mobile, it's likely that the carrier will offer the recently-announced Xperia Z4, Sony's latest flagship device, which will launch later this year.

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  • I'm not an expert or an insider on this issue, but it seems that they decided to demand a price drop concession from Sony. Sony initially balked, so T-Mobile dropped the phone, then Sony came back to the table and agreed. Again, complete speculation on my part. No one is paying $630 for an Android phone today, even one as good as the Z3, when the S6 and One M9 just hit for a similar price, and the Z4 is looming.
  • That make completely sense if that's the case Posted via Android Central App
  • "No one is paying $630 for an Android phone today" That's because you're used to the American mindset. You're so used to subsidies and contracts that you have no idea what a phone really costs.
    Here's a tip: the M9 costs over 700€ (+$700), the 32GB version of the S6 too, with the highest one going over 1000€.
    I won't even tell how much the iPhone 6 costs.
    So 630 dollars for what still is a flagship, it's pretty normal. Also, if THAT is the Z4 that's coming, the Z3 is still a better option. And now for 500 dollars it's a no-brainer.
  • DJCBS, I've been exclusively on unlocked phones for years. Paid $550ish for my Nokia E71 from Europe, used on AT&T. $540 for my SGS2 from UK, used on AT&T then T-Mobile (briefly). Paid $650 for my SGS4 GPE ,used on T-Mobile, then $440 for my Moto X (2013). My wife's iPhone 5s 64GB? $849 before tax! So let me clarify, because you made a false assumption about me and then misunderstood my post. No one is going to pay the price of a Z3 TODAY when newer, more powerful options exist for $20 more (full price or subsidy). That was the gist of my argument that you got confused on.
  • I think I might pick this up, I need stellar battery life from my phone and this seems to do the trick, anyone know if this supports t mobile's band 12 after the lollipop update? Posted via the Android Central App
  • If that is for the HD voice, then it always supported it is as far as I know. I had it when it first came out and always had HD voice calls.
  • I'm talking about volte, the ability to maintain LTE while on a phone call Posted via the Android Central App
  • I had that phone. Yes it mantains LTE when you're in a call. You just need to enable Vo-LTE in the phone settings menu. Posted from the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or the Surface Pro 3
  • How do you compare it to nexus 6 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Battery life is better, a slightly better camera, and it being totally waterproof/dustproof give the Z3 the advantage. But because I'm a sucker for fast updates, I got the Nexus 6. Overall, the Z3 is an amazing phone. Posted from the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or the Surface Pro 3
  • An update is supposed to be coming soon [add signature here]
  • I have this phone and love it. I think they only stopped selling it online though. The T-Mobile stores in my area have still had it and the staff there said it hadn't been discontinued. [add signature here]
  • Just curious.. there have been a number of threads started on Reddit, as well as several more in the T-Mo support section, about widespread sms/mms issues. Are you using the T-Mo variant? If so, have you had any problems?
  • I'm using the one direct from Sony (D6603 model), and have almost no issues. The only one I have experienced is it is a little slow to send MMS messages (photoes, group texts, etc). Aside from that, no worries at all.
  • I have the t-mobile version and yes it did have sms issues. Simple fix was to disable voLTE. Since then I have re-enabled voLTE and started using hangouts as my default messaging app.
  • No issues using Hangouts? For some the problem seemed to persist after disabling voLTE, regardless of messaging app.
  • None. Group sms/mms works right and it doesn't break up long messages like stock or the Google messenger does. Only thing it doesn't do is receive the emergency alerts.
  • Interesting. I'm tempted to pick one up, but I really don't want to get stuck with a restocking fee if I decide it's not the phone for me. That would be the worst to get locked in then start having issues down the road. Any other thoughts on your overall experience with the T-Mo variant?
  • No real issues. I pre-ordered my phone. Very close to vanilla android. Battery life is great. Just waiting on lollipop.
  • I have it currently and haven't had any issues. However band 12 is not on as of right now (4.4) I think lollipop will have it enabled or a separate update after will address it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just got off the phone with tech support with t-mobile. If you are getting missed text messages "SMS" or getting duplicates text. Go to settings > Call Settings then uncheck VoLTE. Then restart your phone and the problem should be solved. I went thru three phones from the loyalty dept . Then the one tech support guy that gets it, fixed it.
  • Yes I have the T-Mobile version, its the D6616. I haven't had any issues with SMS/MMS, but now if I do I know what to do lol.
    This has seriously been one of the best all around phones I've ever had. I had a Z1s last year and they fixed all the problems that it had (better screen, shape, weight, slimmed the bezels, improved the camera, etc). It runs as fast as a Nexus or HTC One, has a great camera, and is good looking. To be honest it's almost like the perfect melding of everything Samsung and HTC do well. [add signature here]
  • Like the average T-Mobile sales rep knows WTF is going on. You'd need to speak to a manager & have them price match,
  • Of course. But the phone was still on display and for sale in store the entire time that T-Mobile was no longer supposedly selling them, sooo... [add signature here]
  • This is very tempting.. I'll just have to wait and see about the G4.. I'm going the price is similar to last year's. The S6 looks pretty sweet, but is pricey.
  • And I bet that I still have to pay full price since I pre-ordered my phone.
  • I might get one for my wife.
    She shattered the one I got her for Christmas
  • They should have made it $349.99 Posted via the Android Central App
  • That would never happen Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just want my dang blasted Lollipop update T-Mobile. That's all. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Go figure it paid the 630 and got it for 499 thanks God my parents are down in called and argue why sell at 630 discontinued and now 499 so got my parents down from 24 a month at zero down try this if happen to you out there that's a tough mobile scam discontinued now sale again Posted via the Android Central App HTC M9
  • You need to retype this whole post,I can't understand shit you typed Posted via the Android Central App
  • Flush your head down toilet maybe u will I did idiot Posted via the Android Central App HTC M9
  • Stay off drugs kid Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lol seriously that post made no sense [add signature here]
  • Payment not parents lol stupid keypad lol my bad Posted via the Android Central App HTC M9
  • Maybe lollipop now?! Posted via the Android Central App HTC M9
  • My store never stopped selling the device. I'm kinda disappointed AC. Usually you guys know better than to always believe news from Twitter. I figured maybe there was more to it when I saw the phone still on display in my
    T-mobile store. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Then your SOA wasn't doing their job in your store. I won't give up company details but there was instructions for The Z3 and the ZTE Maxx given to them. Posted via the Android Central App
  • $499? Oh tempting!!