T-Mobile to Release Multiple Android Devices From Three Partners This Year

Don't act surprised. T-Mobile has made it no secret that they're investing heavily on Android and with leaked roadmaps and new Android devices coming out the woodworks, we should almost expect most of the next generation of Android phones to land on the friendliest carrier in the states, T-Mobile. It's just nice to hear a T-Mobile US Exec say:

We are looking to launch multiple Android-based devices in the second half of this year with three partners

What is half-surprising is that the same T-Mobile Exec expects to "see Android find its way down into feature phones on the low end" as well. We're not sure how that'll play out but Android seems to be growing more and more versatile by the day.

So who are the three partners? HTC and Samsung are all but confirmed. Could the 3rd device be a Motorola Android Smartphone?

*fingers crossed*


Casey Chan