T-Mobile Market Testing Terrible Names for Next Android Phone

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the next T-Mobile Android device. Imagine the sexy code name Sapphire or the alluring Vodafone release of Magic, now think of a name that would fit such a device. What did you come up with?

Hopefully it's not myTouch 3G with Google, Genius 3G with Google or Prism 3G with Google because well, quite frankly, those names are terrible. Where did we find those names? Well, T-Mobile is reportedly doing some market testing on what to name the next Android device and that is what they came up with. We wish we were kidding.

Why can't they just stick with G2 or call it the Magic? Why call it a 3G device when similar named devices (iPhone 3G) came out a year ago? Hopefully this is just regular procedure because if they ruin the Sapphire/Magic with branding like that, it'd be like fumbling a guaranteed touchdown.

Don't mess with a good thing, T-Mobile.

[via tmonews]

  • 2 words: Bad Idea
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