T-Mobile gets the text-friendly, dual-screened LG DoublePlay

And in this corner of the LG U.S. National Texting Championship we have the brand-new LG DoublePlay on T-Mobile. Just announced, the Android 2.3 device features a 3.5-inch main display and 2-inch sub-display that splits the four-row QWERTY keyboard. While secondary screens have yet to really take off (hi, Kyrocera Echo and Samsung Continuum), this one's different as it's got a layer of functionality the others lacked with the keyboard.

The DoublePlay, which is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, also has a 5MP camera and is the phone contestants will use at the National Texting Championship on Oct. 26 in New York. No word yet on when us mere mortals can pick one up.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

Phil Nickinson
  • I wonder if this will work with a DS emulator?
  • What on earth is this? Ugly and looks like it is something no one really needs anymore.
  • Didn't the Kyocera Echo already crash and burn in a record 7 months?
  • Not really the same idea... but still not a good one.
  • call me an old goat at 33yrs old... but does anyone else think it rather sad that a thing such as the "National Texting Championship" even exists? (I've never heard of such...) I mean really, I get why we pay football players a ton of cash to compete for the Superbowl. Or baseball for the World Series. but "National Texting Championship"?? yeah I don't get it On the other hand, the device could be ok, not sure how well that keyboard would work in hand with such a big split between it....
  • Guess you can say the same thing about Cup Stacking. But it is what it is. Of there's an audience it doesn't news to make sense. And Thumb keyboard is one of the more popular keyboards..this isn't any differnt
  • Looks much better than the Echo.
  • Looks like a device for the texting teenie boppers! ;)
  • I heard the name dual screen and said no no no no....no? Wtf is this....
  • Not sure about the phone, but the National Texting Championships isn't any worse than the National Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship they have lol.
  • Interesting design.
  • It would be cool with better specs, at least a 4" screen and a dual core processor might make it competitive. I actually like the design.
  • Agreed. I like the design and I wish it had some higher specs - nothing too high but, a little higher than this.
  • I find this design intriguing. It isn't anything that I would be interested in myself but I applaud LG for thinking outside the box and attempting to improve the breed. I enjoy seeing new designs and companies brave enough to give them a shot. One thing I am wondering is what is the point of the second screen? In the screenshot it looks like it just shows recently used programs which would be nice for quickly switching between apps but seems like a very large screen just to switch apps. I would like to see some promotional material demonstrating how LG believes this design will be more functional than traditional designs. Obviously there is an additional power drain to having a second screen so that probably explains why the rest of the phone's specs aren't that high. So what's the story LG? Why is this design superior? What kind of functionality or convenience does this second screen add that I would need mostly while typing in landscape mode?
  • I could see this design, possibly working, if... LG threw in better specs, a screen that took up the whole front of the phone and Ice Cream Sandwich. On main screen, do away with the software buttons (home, back, settings) that ICS brings, and using the secondary screen for that, this would leave a wide open space on main screen, and the slider would give you something to hold on to, so not much need for a bezel. It's definitely interesting!