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T-Mobile G2X now available via the T-Mobile website

T-Mobile has officially launched the T-Mobile G2X, their version of the LG Optimus 2X. Right now if you head on over to the T-Mobile website you'll find the device listed for $199.99 with a new 2-year contract or if you prefer -- $499.99 with no contract at all. As a reminder of what, exactly you get for that money the specs are:

  • 4-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Dual core Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1GHz
  • 8 MP rear camera / 1.3 MP front-facing camera
  • HSPA+ compatible
  • Video recording at 1080p
  • 8GB internal memory

Be sure to check out our previous hands-on with the LG Optimus 2X if you're still on the fence. Of course, if you wanna skip all that and get your order in as soon as possible hit up the T-Mobile website. Remember, stores won't be stocking it until April 20. [T-Mobile (opens in new tab) via TMoNews]

  • Will be ordering this soon, was having some problems with the Tmobile site earlier
  • Does that phone run vanilla android? Also, is it running froyo? Gingerbread?
  • Froyo. Being stock android the upgrade should be quick to gingerbread. I'm taking the risk and hopefully it is out June-July as rumored.
  • um I'm ur guys "hands on" video that phone is totally different! Its a totally different UI, the G2X is pure Android there's no overlays...ur video compared to all the others is so I wrong?
  • Their video is reviewing the LG Optimus 2X, I believe, and this post relates to the T-Mobile G2X. Its the same phone but since T-Mobile have re-branded it they also saw fit to change the software to an almost "pure" stock Android (which is awesome by the way!).
  • yeah I know :) its just that the video is makin the G2x look bad ;)- n they r using that video to be like well if ur on the fence take a look at the video n I'm just like no the UI is so different makes u wanna look away at the phone u know lolz I guess I'm just being a butthead n picky teehee Damnit! I think they changed it! Cuz this morning around 6am it was saying "take look at our hands on with the device if ur still on the fence" or something like that cuz I know they weren't being specific like it is now lolz sorry that's the reason for the "edit" well now I'm happy they r pointing out that its not the actual G2X in the video :)- *win win*
  • Amazing. You are about to order a $500 + tax item, and they still want to charge you shipping. Granted ground is only $6, it's ridiculous.
  • Could be worse.
  • not really a true stock rom, similar to the G2 there are some UI tweaks and pre-loads.
  • Preloads, huh? That's how I got my wife pregnant.
  • What UI tweaks would there be besides a 4G indicator? What are you aware of? Preloads are fine because they're not part of the OS. If all they added was a 4G indicator, that's not a huge deal. Sprint did the same thing with their Nexus S.
  • That's awesome that lg is releasing stock android phones. F**k overlays. They're the main reasons why it takes forever to get android updates. Plus, you can always just install launcherpro, adw, or other of the many third party launchers out there.
  • I want this phone and am willing to leave verizon for it. Just want to make sure Tmobile isn't going to turn into maBell, then I'm gonna give Tmobile a shot.
  • This phone will work on ATT frequencies, it has the radio for it.
  • I just don't want to go to att
  • I'm surprised the full retail of the phone is "only" $500 when its a brand new spanking, dual-core (!) phone. If I'm not mistaken, other single core phones usually run up to $600+ like the Thunderbolt, iPhone, etc.
  • does anyone know how LG has been with upgrading their android phones? i'm a little gun shy after dealing with the samsung captivate.
  • LG is newer to the Android game and their track record with updating phones hasn't really been solidified yet. Hopefully they will update this phone on a timely manner though. It looks to be a beaut. Love that they went with a close to stock appearance.
  • They got rid of the gorilla glass from the original LG X2 but they put in a 21Mbps modem.... that`s about the only difference.
  • Do you have a link or a source to confirm either of these claims? I've not heard of either thing you're talking about.
  • you mean to tell me you don`t know 4G phones have 2 modems available which are 14.4 Mbps and the later faster 21 Mbps? T-mobile`s network is already running 42 Mbps on NY, Orlando and Las vegas... there just aren`t any phone who can run at that speed other than T-mobile`s Rocket Laptop stick..... the first phone to be released with a 21 Mbps modem was the Samsung Vibrant plus..... it looks like this is the second one.
  • I did know that, thanks for the snark though. I meant confirmation on which this used. Talking to the Tmo rep at the store yesterday and he confirmed 14.4.
  • I want to update version 2.2 to 2.3.4 how?
  • T-Mobile G2x want to update version 2.2 to 2.3.4 how can I do?