T-Mobile G1 To Sell 600,000 Units By Year End

Curious to know how successful the T-Mobile G1 has been? We had previously mentioned a 1.5 million mark for the T-Mobile G1 that proved to be more guesstimate than anything. But this time the source is more solid since it's HTC CEO Peter Chou and the figure is at roughly 600,000 units by year end. Not quite 1.5 million but impressive nonetheless. To quote:

"It will be more than we originally planned. I'm saying we will ship more than 600,000."

It looks like Peter Chou and HTC are setting the 600,000 unit mark as the base for units sold. When the holiday season kicks in and people get more familiar with Android, we won't be surprised to see that number even higher.

[Android Guys]

Casey Chan
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  • I hope it is true then that the price drop