T-Mobile G1 Gets Facebook App

When the MySpace App for Android first released, we at Android Central immediately thought, "Where's the Facebook App?" And though Facebook told us that they weren't going to be making an "official" Android Facebook application, we had high hopes in the Android Community for pulling one off. Insert fBook.

fBook is made from the good guys over at Next Mobile Web. It is essentially the same as the mobile Facebook except that it includes picture uploading and push capabilities. Anyone familiar with the great iPhone web app should feel at home  with fBook. Go give it a download and tell us how you feel!

Photo Credit: Android Community

[Android Community]

Casey Chan
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  • I had the fbook-facebook for android and it was great, I had my phone reset an I can not get that facebook it cannot find it when I search but none of the other facebook apps are good. And my sister still has the app so it is still running
  • Where can I get the fBook app? I tried searching for it and I couldn't find it. can someone tell me where I can get it
  • I had fBook when I was running firmware 1.1. It was very good! It did everything I wanted it to do, and what it didn't do natively I did through the Facebook mobile front end it provided. Then I upgraded to Cupcake. As great as firmware 1.5 is, when I went back to the Market to reinstall fBook, alas... it wasn't there. I've been searching for it elsewhere on the web, but to no avail; I keep getting news on fBook like this one. I'm hoping someone else has had some luck... or for Facebook to grow up and make an official app already. Or until this upcoming Facebook app is ready... http://fbandroid.wordpress.com/
  • is this wen u go on the internet on your fone.. or is this wen u register your mobile device? becuzz im pretty upset that they dont have tmobile!
  • Go to the Market on your phone and then search the word facebook and you will see some of the facebook apps like babbler that is a good one because you can comment and everything on it.
  • I can't find the fbook app in the market....wtf?! Help please!
  • Where can I get the facebook apps?
  • Where cld I gt the facebook app.
  • I have the facebook app but not sure is the one for my G1 , I CANT DOWNLOAD FOTOS , OR VIDEOOOOS , also I cant find how and where do I download the android Fbook app , someone help meeee
  • Can anyone tell me where I can download facebook apps for tmobile G1???? Would love to have 1. Someone send it to jennajason911drew@gmail.com
  • PEOPLE!!!! You cannot find the fBook app anymore on your G1's u can go to various websites for the same feature. Type in these URL's onto your G1's and it is a pretty good facebook app, but there is no chat on it.....type these URL's in: m.facebook.com (the one I use) and/or x.facebook.com. Hope this helps
  • i got fbook still. If you goto xda and look for i think it was one of drizzy's hero roms it has the apk in it... it wasn't v3r2 and it isn't 1.1 i think it was drizzy's v3 hero rom that has it...
  • it is in this torrent. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5032868/BEST_G1_APPS____127_GBA_ROMS
  • The above link does not work...I found it on a webpage then had to reset my phone and lost it again...now I can't find it again...someone please help..send me the link at nicegurl20@yahoo.com....please!!!
  • I liked fbook because it was seemingly the best way to upload mobile photos. Otherwise, not so great. It never remembered my email or password and I was not able to easily comment on statuses. I found it close to useless. I just use fb's regular site now.
  • I've lost fbook too! :( I just deleted it so i could take my G1 abroad, just to be on the safe side so it didn't connect. then i decided i wanted it back and its gone!! :O
    now got facebook lite, but not impressed with the ads :(
  • i want fbook back too i loved that app it was like the only good facebook app
  • its veery stupid really
  • I just had to get a new G1 cause mine stopped working right and I am experiencing the same issues. I can't get alot of th old apps I had back and now nothing really seems to work for Facebook. I don't know how to upload pics through the regular site. :(
  • I luv money
  • Looking interested