T-Mobile FamilyMode offers digital parenting tools for $10/month

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Similar to AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, T-Mobile's now getting in the business of offering its own suite of digital parenting tools to help give moms and dads a competitive edge for parenting in the modern world.

T-Mobile's new service is called T-Mobile FamilyMode, and access to the mobile app costs $10/month. With FamilyMode, parents can create internet limits so kids can only use their mobile data during certain hours of the day, set content filters for apps/websites, and pause and resume data at any given time.

Other helpful features include:

  • Real-time location info for your children
  • See which apps/sites the kiddos are using and look at their internet search history
  • Reward members of your family with more screen/internet time

That $10/month rate allows you to have all this control over your children's smartphones, but for a one-time payment of just $20, you can buy the T-Mobile FamilyMode Home Base that allows you to bring these features over to all of your Wi-Fi connected devices.

That $20 price is only good for a limited time, however, as it'll later go back up to its MSRP of $100.

T-Mobile FamilyMode officially launches on June 29.

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