T-Mobile Drops Price of myTouch 3G to $149.99

Now this is more like it. With the onset of the Motorola CLIQ and the G1's own price drop, T-Mobile has just dropped the price of the myTouch 3G to a pretty competitive $149.99. We strongly believe that the $149.99 price point should have been the launch price of the myTouch 3G but that's all water under the bridge now.

The myTouch 3G is a great phone for Android beginners and experts alike and we'd imagine this price drop will spur sales for T-Mobile until the CLIQ comes. So, what do you guys say--are you going to grab the myTouch 3G for $149.99 or wait for the Motorola CLIQ for an as yet unknown price?


  • Waiting for the CLIQ. Been using BB Storm for about a year and really missing a keyboard. I'm on Verizon in Raleigh NC right now... so anyone know how's the T-Mobile network here? Verizon rocks regarding call quality and signal strength. I really want an Android phone, just hope there isn't too much sacrifice in network quality when I make the switch.
  • I'm going for the Hero on Sprint.
  • Same here. Think I'm gonna make the switch October 11th.
  • Waiting for the Cliq because of the keyboard.
  • I ordered my MyTouch yesterday and missed out on this discount :( Do you think T-mobile could hook me up if I plead to a CSR :-/
  • Call them up. They'll give you the discount so long as you're within the Buyer's Remorse period.
  • CLIQ for all the obvious reasons
  • For new T-Mobile customers, the $35 activation fee is back (it had been waived in the last few days) so total savings is $15.
  • The price is $149.99 locked or unlocked?
    Anyway, I'm waiting Sony Ericsson Rachael.