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T-Mobile down for Nexus One users?

Update: Google now says everything's back to normal. "The problem experienced by some users with T-Mobile data connections has been resolved. If you are still having trouble establishing a connection please power down your Nexus One, then turn it back on."

We're getting word from our forums that Nexus One users on T-Mobile are having data problems this morning. Here's the message many of you are seeing:

"To connect to the internet with the device you are using, you'll need a webConnect data plan. Please call Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 to make sure you have the correct webConnect data plan "

That's no good, and T-Mo's support forums point to a national outage. And as you can imagine, support centers are getting hammered this morning (and likely will get hammered again when this is all over).

Do note that it looks like there are no issues if you're running it unlocked on AT&T (other than being stuck on EDGE, of course), so it's time to look T-Mo squarely in the eye. We'll keep you apprised. [T-Mobile]

Update: Want to see what everybody's saying? Here are some resources:

  • I am on T-mo and using the Nexus 1, it works just fine for me. Perhaps it depends on where you are.
  • Not hating on TMo at all, just my experience TMo service is horrible where I live. Which is the precursor to my comment, why in the h311 is the hottest phone on the Android market on TMo of all carriers. Doubt we will see this many issues when it comes to Verizon
  • I can believe i have this BMW M3 and i can only drive it at 40 MPH. That's exactly how i feel right now. I am in the DFW area, TX and yes i have been having horrible service this morning. It's a bad thing i am constantly on Edge but today i cant even get a connection.
  • This is a N1 problem not a Tmobile problem, my G1 works fine...Google is dropping the ball on this phone in many ways
  • So you're saying someone changed the hardware in your Nexus since it last worked? It's obviously something Tmo has changed.
  • Why this phone(N1) isn't on Sprint is the question many of us ask. If you were Google, wouldn't you want a strong carrier with MANY customers and a wide network? Just doesn't make sense to me. Crossing my fingers that the rumored Supersonic is everything we hoped for in the N1 but on Sprint.
  • No issues this morning in KC. Been using it most of the morning.
  • What a failure of a product launch. The N1 is a good device (hardware & Concept), the customer support, service whatever else has been nothing more than a pain in the A$$.
  • Yeah this is not a Tmo problem my Cliq works fine! Unless the N1 uses a different data system than 3g. I am In MI.
  • Just checked mine and I get the same message and have a nexus. WTF T-mobile....
  • Have not had a single problem all morning, T mobile Nexus one, here in NOrthern virginia.
  • I get that same message. I'm in Atlanta. I really don't care. Just so long as it gets fixed reasonably soon. This phone is brand new, and its going to experience some issues. If we couldn't deal with the issues, we shouldn't have bought into the N1 right when it was released. Anonymous guy, I don't understand why you commented. You obviously don't own an N1.
  • Im in AZ and getting this message as well. Hopefully there is some sort of ETR. Not going to bother calling T-Mobile as hold times are probably ridiculous right now.
  • I'm AZ as well and I'm not experiencing any problems. But maybe it's a regional problem... I don't know where exactly you're located.
  • More TMO FAIL. That's what you get for releasing a device that supports a 3rd rate network.
  • You mean a company with better 3g than ATT? also it all depends on where you are, for me T-Mo is better than ATT and VZW
  • For those of you, like me, experiencing this issue I have a workaround. Edge data appears to be working fine, and when I switched my phone to 2G only mode, it connected to all my internet apps. Although not ideal, a slower network is better than no least until the issue is resolved. Hope this helps.
  • Just rebooted my N1, data (3G) is working now.
  • Yes, the 3G does come on but did you check whether you have 'internet' access? Mine says I have 3G, 4 bar but when I try to load a webpage or access the internet it gives me the TMo message everyone is getting.
  • Yes, my internet is working. I thought that would be inferred from my post. Sorry for not being specific enough.
  • I wonder if there is going to be an official explanation ?
  • My nexus one works perfectly fine.
  • HTC just tweeted that restarting the phone fixed the problem for them.