T-Mobile confirms Motorola Charm for Aug. 25 release for a mere $75

T-Mobile has confirmed via Twitter that the Motorola Charm will be available on August 25.  We were pretty sure this was the date, as we saw a leaked T-Mobile document a few weeks back with the same date, but it's always nice to get confirmation from the carrier instead of riding the coattails of a rumor. We also have pricing: $75 after the usual contract and rebate stuff.

While the Charm doesn't necessarily qualify as a superphone high-end smartphone, it does carry a very interesting form factor, especially for users who are textaholics.  Yes, I mean you (and me) ex-BlackBerry users.  The bar style with a decent looking QWERTY should appeal to many, and the rear trackpad is one gimmick that I'm in love with.  Anyone picking one of these up? [T-Mobile via Twitter]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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