T-Mobile 3rd Quarter Results

T-Mobile USA has reported their 3rd Quarter numbers and they're decent, to say the least. They got 670,000 new subscribers which is better than the previous quarter but is down year-over-year. 32.1 million users, 7 million use MyFaves, and thousands of towers are being added.  Also, they released news that by the end of November 120 cities will be blanketed in the T-Mobile 3G Network. Specific G1 numbers weren't released.

We at Android Central can't particularly number crunch with the best of them but we do know a couple of things. Android and the G1 will only get more popular and T-Mobile 3G can only get better. These are good things. If you want to see all the numbers that T-Mobile reported, feel free to click this link.

[via TmoNews]

Casey Chan