swype keyboard android

Swype - your favorite finger sliding keyboard is diving head-first into the mainstream phone market. The small company, which only employs 27 people, estimates it will be on over 10 million smartphones by the end of this year. Chances are you’ll be seeing Swype on some future handsets from any of the four major US cell providers -- so those “hunting and pecking” days just might be over.  

Phones aren’t the only thing that Swype can be applied to; the company has big plans to integrate its software into some of the upcoming Android tablets, and a 12-inch Swype keyboard is enough to impress almost anyone.  Even with all this expanding and growth, Swype has expressed no interest in a partnership with Apple -- which is A-OK with us Android users.  If you're new to Swype, head on over to our Keyboard Roundup and see if it's right for you!