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SwiftKey keyboard on sale, VIP group closing

TouchType sent out an email Friday (Jan. 14) reminding everyone that their SwiftKey VIP program sign up was ending Jan. 18, and to announce that they're offering SwiftKey keyboard at a sale price on the Android Market.  We already heard that they were closing the program to any new members (last chance to sign up), and they say this is just ahead of "releasing some great new stuff in there," so it sounds worthwhile to get enrolled while you still can.

They've also put SwiftKey keyboard on sale for just $1.99, and this one too isn't going to last forever.  The sale is only going to run for a few weeks, so if you've been on the fence consider this the heads-up that you can save a couple bucks off the regular price of $3.99.  We've dropped a link to the app after the break, and you can also visit SwiftKey keyboard's developer forum right here at Android Central.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • A great keyboard and well worth its low price. I've been back and forth between this and SlideIt, but settled on SwiftKey and I bet many would be very happy with it.
  • If you try and like Swype there's no need to waste money on SwiftKey unless you want to take advantage of the discount. This is my keyboard of choice, got it when it was 99 cents. I alternate between this and Swype every other week.
  • Does it have a compact QWERTY option?
  • No, its just like you see it in the picture with exception of the missing emoticon key.
  • I like swiftkey and I have it on my droid 1. I also have swype. Both are good, but I find that I use the android Gingerbread keyboard more than either of them. I think it comes down to personal preference. This is definitely a keyboard to consider.
  • I use smartkeyboard pro and i couldn't be happier. I use swype when I'm feeling a little giddy.
  • If the longest thing you ever type is a text message then stick with swype, or whatever. If you answer email, and have to construct complete sentences which have to be presentable, then you need SwiftKey. Other keyboards "think" in letters to build words. Swiftkey thinks in words to build sentences.
  • I like Swype in portrait... I like SwiftKey in landscape... I wish there was a way to always have Swype when in portrait and always have SwiftKey in landscape without having to change the input method.
  • Will this work on the Nook color?
  • ive been trying to find a keyboard. i hate the droid x landscape and i like my the evo when i had sprint exept for the spacebar location. and i want to be able to have a fifth row with numbers on landscape. is there one out there with that option.
  • I have tried many keyboards and I prefer SwiftKey because it predicts your sentence while you're typing. I have a Evo with Swype but I rarely use it.
  • I am not gonna buy it until its price suits my pocket...
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  • Does anyone use the keyboard on the Droid or Droid 2? I love it on my Droid X and would like to put it on my wife's Droid 2, but I am not "allowed" to play with her phone. Does it still give you the word prediction when you use the physical keyboard?