The folks at SwiftKey are looking for a few people that want to get in front of the camera and tell the world about why they use SwiftKey. They're looking to do a series of short videos featuring users in San Francisco, New York City, and London, and have put out the call.

There's plenty of reasons to use SwiftKey, the biggest of which is the awesome prediction engine. I've been a believer since it first came out, and I never have to type more than a few words while the magic underneath it all finishes my thoughts for me. Without it, I'd still be wanting a QWERTY keyboard on my phone. It learns as you use it, and really is that good. If you haven't tried it yet, now is your chance as it's on sale in the Google Play store until Monday for just $0.99.

If you would like to share your thoughts about SwiftKey, and live in or around the San Francisco, New York, or London metro areas, hit the break and see what you need to do to get in touch. If you're not close to any of those places, use the comments below to share your thoughts!

Are you a big fan of SwiftKey with a story to tell? Does our app save you time every day? Does it help you communicate in an interesting or quirky way? Do you love it?

We’re looking to film a set of short videos about interesting SwiftKey users and what the app means to them. We’re starting this project in the San Francisco, New York City and London metropolitan areas, and are looking for volunteers to get in touch.

So, if you’re based in SF, NYC or London, love SwiftKey, and would be happy to talk about it on camera, please email us at videoproject@swiftkey.net with the following info:

- Your name, age and gender.
- Your occupation.
- Where you’re based.
- A few sentences on what SwiftKey means to you.
- A picture.

We’ll get back to as many of you as possible.


Joe Braidwood
CMO, SwiftKey