It's that time of year, folks! Big-screens are on sale, snack food is everywhere, commercials get absolutely insane — seriously, Skittles, a musical?? — and team pride goes into overdrive. The Patriots are no strangers to the Super Bowl; I still remember building a full-blown theme two years ago. This year, however, we have some new blood with the Los Angeles Rams, and that's great news for me because it means I get to go hunt down new wallpapers! Here are some great places to start if you're on the hunt too.

Rams Striped

Go for the gold!: Striped LA Rams Wallpaper

I gotta say, I really like the LA Rams color palette. It lends itself well to theming, and while this wallpaper style has been used by NFL fans for years, I had fun building my version in KLWP rather than Photoshop. This was built for the OnePlus 6T, so it should be tall enough for any phone.

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Patriots Striped

They're back again: Striped New England Patriots Wallpaper

I built a Patriots version as well, and the results are just striking. Both of these wallpapers pair well with Whicons, or if you really want to get fancy, download Icon Pack Studio and create your own Patriots icon pack with the classic red, white, and navy blue.

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Every single day: Rams Earn It AMOLED Wallpaper

A number of slogans have arisen among Rams fans this year, but "Earn It" is the one I like the best. This hex black wallpaper is easy on the battery and easy on the eyes; just be sure you grab the 1440x2560 version from the comments for the best look and fit!

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Reddit for the win: Patriots Wallpaper Collection

Patriots fans are legion, and among that legion are plenty of fans with time to kill and Photoshop at the ready. We thank them for their devotion and their willingness to share wallpaper galleries like this one. With this much variety, there's something for every Pats fan.

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Super Bowl Bound

Direct from the team: Official Rams Wallpapers

The Los Angeles Rams' Insta is a goldmine of team content, but the Rams social team especially crushed it this year with the mobile wallpapers. If you see one you like as you're cycling through the team's IG story, just screencap the slide and BOOM, instant wallpaper!

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Arctic Blast

Look beyond the wallpapers: Patriots Instagram Stories

The Patriots' Wallpapers IG Story is okay, but really, some of the best home screen fodder are found in the game-day stories, such as this Arctic Blast that seems entirely too fitting this week. The 15th slide in this story is a motion poster for Super Bowl LIII that's perfection.

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The best part of grabbing a kick-ass team wallpaper now is that you don't have to take it off Monday morning if your team loses. A good wallpaper can last a lifetime; you can grab several right now and swap them out throughout the year. And since this is the last game we'll see for seven months, these wallpapers can help sate your cravings and ward off withdrawal symptoms. We're preferential to the LA Rams and Patriots Android Central themes, but that's just us.