If you're perusing deals for savings on your favorite tech, it's probably a safe assumption you're not the type of person that likes to waste money. We can also assume you're a very smart and discerning individual that knows where the best writing is, but that's not related to this deal. If you don't like wasting money, you should check out Sugru's Hacks For Your Home do-it-yourself kit. It's on sale for $5.50 at Walmart, which is easily the lowest price we've ever seen. It has been selling for around $11 for a couple months but was going as high as $15 before that, which means it's basically a third of what it was at the beginning of the year.

Fix Your Stuff

Sugru moldable glue Hacks For Your Home DIY starter kit

This is a do-it-yourself kit to help you fix all the little broken things around your house. It comes with 18 project ideas. Sugru can bond to glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastics, and more. It has a ton of technical properties, too.

$5.50 $11.00 $6 off

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If you've got a fraying charging cable or a broken kitchen utensil somewhere in the house that you just don't want to pay to replace, Sugru's moldable glue is the solution you need. The Sugru starts out with a sort of flexible, clay-like texture that you can form around just about anything, then sets into a strong silicone rubber. Once you've started using it, you'll have about 30 minutes to fiddle with it so you can get the bond perfect. After 24 hours it will be completely done setting and will stay the way you left it.

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Once set, very little can mess with it. The glue is waterproof, resistant to extreme heat and cold, durable, flexible, shock-resistant, and electrically insulating. It's perfect for those simple do-it-yourself projects you know need a little love and care. The glue can bond to just about anything, too, including glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastics, and more. It's so strong you can use it to hang things without drilling into your walls.

This starter kit doesn't just come with some of the Sugru moldable glue. It also comes with 18 project ideas. If you can't find a way to use all the product you've got, then read through those ideas for some ways to improve your home you didn't even know about.

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