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SugarSync for Android updated with e-mail upload, 500GB storage option

Always on the go? Wishing there was a simple solution that met all your needs to sync files remotely between your Android device and your computer? Odds are you have already stumbled across SugarSync, which allows you to remotely sync your Android phone with computers nearly anywhere. And a recent update is bringing some much-anticipated new features.

Users can now upload via e-mail by assigning you a unique address to which you will send the attachments. There's also a new 500GB "Power User Storage Plan," for all of you who are uploading and saving large files regularly. If you need a lot of documents, in several places, this new plan is sure to please you.

If you are a current user, be sure to check out the update, and for those who are not currently using SugarSync check it out in the Android Market.  For more information, and to begin using SugarSync be sure to check out their website.

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  • No linux support, really? Is it still the 90's or did I miss something?