Fans of the Nvidia SHIELD will get a rare exclusive look at a brand new indie title, as Pavilion makes its debut exclusively for the Android TV console today, available on the Google Play Store for $10.

Pavilion is a beautiful "fourth-person puzzler", which drops you and the main character into a mysterious world without any text instructions, backstory or really any context at all. With no tutorials or guides, players explore and interact with objects in the beautifully crafted levels as an omnipresent orb, as you try to help the A.I.-controlled main character work through intricate puzzles.


The real standout here is the beautiful, hand-drawn 2D levels, which has earned the game developers at Visiontrick Media heaps of praise over the past year. The environments are rich with fine details and take on a dreamlike aesthetic that runs throughout the game. Accompanying the beautiful images is a wonderfully ambient soundtrack that blends environmental sounds with a calming musical score. Taken as a whole, Pavilion's sounds and visuals create a fully-immersive experience.

After a week of SHIELD exclusivity, Pavilion will launch on Steam and the Humble Store on September 22. The game will hit consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and mobile Android devices later in the year. This release is called Chapter One, so we can also expect more Pavilion puzzles in 2017.

Check out the launch trailer to prepare yourself for an otherworldly gaming experience!

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