YouTube TV is adding a new feature to make family sharing easier

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What you need to know

  • YouTube TV is adding an account switching function to the streaming service.
  • The new feature will allow for multiple users to be signed into YouTube TV and allow for more personalized recommendations.
  • Account switching will be rolling out gradually to YouTube TV subscribers.

YouTube TV has been around since February 2017, but in the past few years has seen significant maturation thanks to the continued build-out of new features to the video streaming platform. Today, YouTube TV announced a new "Who's watching" feature designed to make family sharing a better experience.

YouTube TV has been a part of the family sharing feature from Google for a while now, allowing you to share your membership to the service with your family group. The newly announced feature aims to make watching YouTube TV a more personal experience within the same household with account switching. 

Spotted by 9to5Google, the YouTube TV Twitter account showed off a GIF, a page switching between accounts with SpongeBob characters as the account avatars with a heading of "Who's watching?" Though it's unclear exactly what this feature will allow, it will likely mean that if someone in your house like documentaries and action shows and another person prefers cooking and romance content, these preferences won't interfere with the other's programming recommendations. It's also unclear if this will play into content stored in Family Sharing libraries and access in other parts of Google's streaming ecosystem.

The TV streaming service is available on multiple platforms and devices like the Chromecast with Google TV, making it easy to watch the shows you want. Plus, as one of the best streaming services today, YouTube TV will need to continue adding features to keep pace with its competition. As for when subscribers will begin seeing the new feature on their accounts, YouTube TV stated, "This feature will be hitting your accounts gradually, and we hope it makes family sharing that much easier." 

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