Netflix has a new way to help you get to the content you really wanna see

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What you need to know

  • "My Netflix" is a new tab that sits next to the Home and "New & Hot" tabs on the Netflix app.
  • It displays downloads, content you've liked, saved, and more across Netflix.
  • The new tab is rolling out to iOS users first, coming to Android devices next month.

Netflix is getting a new tab on the home screen of its app for both iOS and Android devices globally, the company announced on Tuesday. "My Netflix" promises to help users save time when figuring out what to watch.

In the announcement blog post, Netflix states that My Netflix is "a one-stop shop tailored to you with easy shortcuts to help you choose what you want to watch." The new tab sits right next to the current "Home" and "New & Hot" sections in the app for iOS and Android devices.

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My Netflix tab will include your existing downloads alongside movies and TV series you may have liked. Additionally, it will comprise trailers you've watched, reminders, and recently watched (or currently viewing) content featured on the streaming platform.

Essentially, the new tab will aggregate all the content you are or might be interested in, making it easier to get to the movies and shows you want to watch instead of scrolling endlessly through the rows on the Home tab. Netflix says that the more you interact with the app, such as watching a trailer or giving a movie or show a thumbs up, the more you'll see in the My Netflix tab.

The new tab will roll out to iOS devices first, starting this week, while Android users will have to wait till early August, which is merely a week away.

In other news, Netflix has recently axed its popular "Basic" plan in countries like the U.K. and the U.S., making users opt for the ad-supported plan if they want an entry-level tier to use the streaming platform.

Netflix said such controversial moves like paid account sharing have positively impacted the company, which gained 6 million subscribers per its recent earnings call. Apparently, more than 80% of last quarter's revenue was generated only through another controversial password-sharing crackdown approach.

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