Personalized Google TV user profiles might be closer than we think

Chromecast with Google TV and Google TV Library
(Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

What you need to know

  • One Chromecast with Google TV user has spotted the ability to switch between user profiles. 
  • The feature appeared and then promptly disappeared and could not be re-activated. 
  • User profile switching was announced last last but then was promptly delayed again.

If you just want a streaming device to handle all of your favorite streaming services, then the Chromecast with Google TV is easily a great option. Unfortunately, Google is still working on rolling out updates that the streaming device should have had from the start. One such feature is the ability to have multiple user profiles on a single device, which was announced last year before Google inexplicably delayed the feature. 

However, it seems that we could finally be close to the official rollout of user profile switching on Google TV. Michael over at Chrome Unboxed seemingly randomly spotted the ability to switch between different profiles on their Chromecast with Google TV. 

Anyway, by sitting on the remote, I accidentally stumbled upon evidence that user profiles are nearing an actual release! That’s right, whatever “butt”on combination I hit, I was shifted into one of my other signed-in accounts as the overall profile for the entirety of the Google TV interface – something that should not be possible yet!

Michael Perrigo, Chrome Unboxed

Unfortunately, it seems whatever button combination was pressed could not be replicated, and as such, the ability to switch between user profiles disappeared. Considering that Google has been working on this feature for the better part of a year, we're excited at the premise that it could be right around the corner. But it's important to temper expectations because there has been no indication as to when this would actually arrive. 

One of the biggest benefits of gaining personalized profiles is the fact that Google TV users will no longer need to worry about their recommendations being clogged up just because someone else was using their profile. Google is also planning to bring the personalization options to Ambient Mode, which is said to display "contextual information based on your profile, such as images from Google Photos, weather reports, content recommendations, and more."

Andrew Myrick
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