Your Chromecast with Google TV could be getting a feature it should've had from day one

Blue Google TV Remote
Blue Google TV Remote (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Google TV Home app for Android has been updated with minor fixes.
  • Within the update, code was found referring to the addition of multi-profile support.
  • The update also suggests that better parental controls are on the way for kids profiles.

The Chromecast with Google TV may be one of the few options out there with Google's new interface, but the company is working on bringing new features to the streaming dongle. Courtesy of the latest APK Insight from 9to5Google, code within the Google TV Home app for Android reveals references to providing the ability to add multiple profiles. Not only will you be able to switch between your own profile and others in the home, but you will also encounter personalized content recommendations.

With the current version of Google TV, you can add multiple accounts to one device. However, the content is still personalized for the "main" account. With this upcoming feature, it would appear as though you can add multiple "profiles," with each profile being shown content that is personalized to what they normally watch. So if there's a kids-only profile, kids-only content would appear, while your own profile would be tailored to the content you like to watch.

Speaking of kids-only content, the latest Google TV Home app update also reveals that the app will provide "better support" for kids profiles. This includes creating a dedicated space for their favorite apps and providing parents more control over what content can be viewed and what will show when switching to the kids profile.

This is not a new concept, nor is it a new feature as many of the best streaming devices already have this feature available. And while we wished Google would have made it available at launch, we're more than happy to see that it's at least in the pipeline. As is always the case with these APK teardowns, we aren't sure when the feature will finally land, but it could definitely come sooner rather than later.

Andrew Myrick
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