Google TV introduces another set of ads for advertisers through its network

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What you need to know

  • Google is detailing new ways advertisers can showcase their ads to more and new audiences through its Google TV network.
  • Through the network, advertisers can reach 20 million active Google TV and Android TV viewers.
  • Those serving ads will soon gain non-skippable and six-second bumper ads, alongside new tools through Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360.

Google is introducing a few new ways advertisers can start taking advantage of its TV network to reach new target audiences and access more channels.

As detailed in a press release, the Google TV network (GTV) is giving advertisers even more ways to "personalize" their ad campaigns to users. Ads under the FAST category (free ad-supported TV) have continued to rise, catalyzing the newest updates. The post states that the GTV offers in-stream video inventory for more than 125 channels built into Google TV.

These channels include live sports, TV shows, and movies. Beginning today (June 7), the new network will give advertisers access to CTV ad formats, including non-skippable ads and six-second bumper ads. Google states that there are more ad formats to come.

To reach new audiences, Google adds that advertisers its services deliver targeted, in-stream inventory across 20 million active TV and Android TV OS devices.

The company's new TV network is available to advertisers through Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360. Advertisers can purchase, plan, and measure their Google TV campaigns alongside "existing digital video campaigns."

The post states that Google TV's newest ad offers will give advertisers access to 10,000 apps involving live TV, shows, and movies. More importantly, through its free channels, viewers spend an average of 75 minutes per day watching FAST ads. A study conducted by Deloitte in 2023 showed that roughly 60% of U.S. households view free, ad-supported TV content through streaming.

Chromecast With Google TV

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The company's announcement reiterates the ad offerings available to advertisers through YouTube. On that platform, brands can take advantage of non-skippable ads and other buffer ads that play before video content. According to YouTube's ad campaign support page, these ads are anywhere between six and 15 seconds.

Moreover, Google has expanded ads for advertisers to continue to reach new audiences through Shorts. The company introduced new tools for companies to create "unique" vertical ads through customized templates and Machine Learning techniques.

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