Google TV update addresses its lag issues and storage limitations — sort of

Chromecast With Google TV
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What you need to know

  • Google has released new updates to Google TV that address long-standing issues.
  • To improve the viewing experience, the operating system now uses less RAM.
  • You can now easily clear cache and uninstall apps in order to make room for new ones.

While Google TV does a good job of curating personalized content and recommendations, it suffers from a few drawbacks since launch, chief of which is its slow performance. Google has finally addressed those shortcomings with a new update to the TV interface.

Google announced via a user community post today a bunch of new storage and performance updates that address some of its longstanding user complaints. This means the Google TV home screen should now load faster at startup than before thanks to CPU optimization and improved cache management.

The updated Google TV also promises to improve overall viewing experience while consuming less RAM. One of the major gripes of those who own a Chromecast with Google TV, for example, is that the paltry 2GB RAM frequently struggles to keep up with the demanding Google TV interface. This is exacerbated by a low-end Amlogic chipset that powers one of the best streaming devices available today.

In addition, Google TV now has a faster Live tab and less loading animation when switching between tabs. You'll also notice a reduction in the time it takes to switch to the kids profile, thanks to image caching optimization in the interface.

There are noticeable improvements when scrolling within a tab or switching between tabs as well. These operations are now more responsive. Prior to the update, you could observe some lag when navigating tabs.

The update also solves some storage issues with Google TV. The interface has added a new “Free up storage” menu that allows you to clear cache and uninstall apps without breaking a sweat. It also automates how it handles app installations in the background and frees up storage space. 

While these updates are long overdue, it's a welcome move by Google. These under-the-hood improvements underline the Mountain View-based giant's broader effort to introduce continuous improvements to the platform.

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