The SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connect Duo is down to $79.99 at B&H thanks to a $20 instant discount. The same device goes for $80 elsewhere including Best Buy. This is within $10 of the lowest price we've ever seen for the Duo, even though there are newer devices from SiliconDust including the Connect Duo+

The Connect Duo is a device with two tuners (thus, Duo) and is designed to capture live TV and pass it along to other devices, like your tablet or smartphone. If you aren't already using one, you will want to get an HDTV antenna like this 80-mile indoor HDTV antenna from 1byone. Whatever TV your antenna can pull in, including live broadcasts like sports, news, and special events, can then be streamed to up to two devices.

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That should be enough for most people, but if you have more than two devices trying to access the same live TV at the same time, you might want to upgrade to the $150 HDHomeRun Connect Quatro. It has four tuners for twice the fun. You can also stack Connect Duo devices for more tuners.

One of the other neat features of the Duo is because your entertainment of choice is streamed over your Wi-Fi you can do things like pause on one device and just continue where you left off on another device. Also, SiliconDust has a DVR service you can subscribe to. This lets you schedule your favorite shows and save them on your hard drive or NAS device.

CordCutters continues to stay on top of the HDHomeRun Connect tuners. Check out this great breakdown if you need more information.

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