Straw will soon let you create custom IDs for shortened URLs

Social polling app Straw has a nifty new feature in the pipeline for its Android app, with a future update (to be released soon) bringing the ability to assign custom IDs to the shortened URLs of polls that you create. For example, if you're polling your friends on a question about the 2016 Presidential Election, Straw says that you'll be able to make a shortened URL like

While the feature isn't available just yet for Android, it has made its way to iOS and Windows Phone, and it looks to be pretty simple. To get started, you tap over to the "Custom" tab when creating a poll. From there, you can fill in the Custom Poll ID box with whatever your heart desires. If the ID is available, Straw will set your URL up with that custom ID.

It's definitely a minor addition, but it's still pretty neat. While the Straw team hasn't said exactly when the update will arrive for its Android app, they do say it will be very soon.