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Staying alive at conferences with Seidio

Your phone goes through a lot at a show like CES, so gear up!

Android Central @ CES

It’s the last day of CES 2014. People are heading home. Stalls are being taken down. Feet are being dragged. Batteries, both human and otherwise, are drained. Well, most batteries. When we got to our freakin’ sweet stage in South Hall a few short days ago, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the show, we were greeted by a giant pile of accessories from our gracious sponsor, Seidio. Before long, I had my Galaxy S4 decked out with their extended battery and purpose-built Active Extended case, plus their Charging Vault as a back-up. Of course I slapped one of our new AC stickers to represent while out on the show floor. For all of its usefulness, I normally don’t rock the holster, but at a show like this, the fashion police aren’t exactly going to be writing me up.

I had used a few Seidio cases in the past, and even their extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus way back, but it was great to get reacquainted. It also reminded me about how absolutely vital extra battery life is at a show like CES. We had a huge crew coming, so we all leaned on our phones for chatter on Google Hangouts, figuring out who’s grabbing what taxi, where we need our video guys, and finding our way through the massive, sprawling convention area to our next meeting. I expect that the last week has been the busiest ever for any phone I’ve had in my pocket, and it wouldn’t have made it through any day without some extra juice.

My phone wouldn't have made it through any day at CES withough some extra juice.

To that end, the Charging Vault handles great double duty as a wall charger and back-up battery and the extended battery didn't fail me once. The extended case adds much needed protection for when you inevitably drop your phone in the midst of conference chaos, and the kickstand comes in handy as a bedside stand. I also really enjoyed their Ledger iPad Air case, if you're into that kind of thing.

If conventions are a thing that you go to at all (or you just have a busy as hell week coming up), get an extended battery. There’s too much moving around and too many last-minute changes for you to be able to count on having time to plug in throughout the day.

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  • Here's to hoping someone else besides Samsung cares about removable batteries this year. Posted via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App
  • True DAT especially when it comes to price Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G
  • Remind me again, why are removable batteries not important? Wait, its a gimmick right? Wait, battery tech has to improve, right? Wait, USB 3.0 is unimportant right? Wait X8 chips are the savior, right? Wait, LCD is on par with SAMOLED with power, right? Discuss and flame away.
  • I would argue in most day to day consumer uses, they aren't going to a conference center in Vegas and beating the hell out of their phone. Removable batteries may be important to a small minority, but most everyone else can do just fine with what they have currently. And what does USB 3.0 have to do with anything? It may help the device charge faster, but it won't improve performance off charger. X8 may not be the end all be all, but it offloads some voice recognition stuff to a particular chip, saving battery. And this is just in my (admittedly limited) experience, I haven't had any battery difference between a phone with an LCD display and one with a SAMOLED.
  • Day to day, ok fine, 12 hours is great. Most people go on vacation and use the camera, flash, phone, gps, internet...whatever. It drains battery. Having one to pop in and going from 20% to 100 is immeasurable. USB 3.0? I have one battery and need a decent charge, which is gonna get it done faster? Wait, I have to offload the 300 pictures (because i do not have an SD card) that I took this morning, why is it 2 hours? X8 is nice, but it really does not seem to be the cure all. It is your experience because it is a FACT that for an LCD screen to show black, it turns on pixels. AMOLED does not. Props for a great response. Very intelligent and thought out. I mean that sincerely.
  • Not to mention the x8 is not very powerful. Removable batteries are nice. But, they add bulk and more breakable parts. I think wireless charging is more important then USB 3.0. Because, people tend to top up more with wireless changing (at least I do). I think a good battery is more important then removable batteries. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • That last sentence I completely agree with.
  • Also, who wants to switch batteries anyways? You can't hotswap. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • A higher capacity battery is better, but the breakable parts is a point I disagree with. If my battery fails. I pay 20 for it. If I break the door replace g it, it will be another 20. To get a HTC one battery (just an example) changed is 60 -----------------------------------------
    sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM
  • True. But you have to admit HTC one build quality is miles ahead of any android manufacter (maybe not oppo, or sony.) Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • Until you scratch or dent it... -----------------------------------------
    sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM
  • Wireless charging needs to be faster though Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G
  • Also, LCD has more true to life colors. Although, I do like amoled. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • I actually like Amoled screens, as well. I like their saturated colors. And, getting true blacks is a plus, too.
  • Yep. I'm switching to tmo, and getting the nexus 5, I'll miss my lumia 928s true blacks. But, omg the 928 is defect central. If I like wp 8.1 I'll use jump and get a wp. But right now android is so much nicer. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • And it makes for a badass alarm clock. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes, yes it does.
  • I have to ask, what does true to life colors get you? I can only think of matching paint colors. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nowhere, but the colors are beautiful on LCDs. But they are more saturated on amoled. I like amoled. I like LCD. Either is great. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • That's fair. For some reason the true to life color thing bugs me. I'm a semi pro photographer, and nobody like the true to color prints, but take the same photo and mess with the color, all the sudden your the greatest photographer of all time. Posted via Android Central App
  • That's also fair. I'm no photographer though. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • It seems the best solution (for me at least), when I'm on vacation or camping, I use an external charger. Works no matter what device I may be using, and I don't have to re buy it every time I get a new device.
  • But that doesn't give the two sides something stupid to argue about.
  • This comment puts a big, cheese-eating smile on my face.
  • stop being practical
  • +1 Jerry Posted via Android Central App
  • External chargers are nice, but you have to tether your phone again to a cord and takes 1-2 hours to recharge (maybe 20-30 minutes to be usable). With removable batteries, in 20-30 seconds, you can go from 5% to 100%. Just some more pros and cons.
  • There's the argument. It's a second thing you have to carry.
  • There are times when I'm out on duty that I couldn't live without an extended battery. Not too many charging ports on a Humvee. Ordered the 10000mah ZeroLemon for my Note 3. I like that is has a batter case built in than the one for my Note 2. I wish I could get some Lloyd gear for it though.... Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, I am keeping this phone for the full two years and would love to show off some AC love, but alas we are the minority
  • I'd be lying to you, if I didn't admit that I was actually seriously looking at buying a Note 3. I love my Nexus 5: it's a great phone, for the money, but the battery life isn't the greatest. In fact, some days I have to really try NOT to use my phone, just to make it through the day. My younger brother has the Galaxy Mega on Sprint: on a single charge, he can make it two days easily; and he uses his phone as much as I do. The next Nexus device needs to either have a bigger battery, better battery tech, or both, to seriously "wow" me. And, I'm willing to sacrifice some screen real estate (i.e. Smaller screen) to get that.
  • Yeah. But they get better every year. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • This is very true.
  • Not just a little better, but miles better. I'm crossing my fingers for a Nexus Z (Sony made). Their build quality is primo. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • I think Sony deserves a chance, too. Although, I wouldn't be upset, if one of the previous OEMs got picked again.
  • Like HTC. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • +1000 =
  • I'm actually getting great battery life on my Nexus. Granted, it's turned off in my car during the work day, but even on my days off it lasts a very long time. And I am amazed at how much our phone tastes overlap.
  • I consider myself fortunate, as I have yet to have my phone die on me, whether I've been on the road or at work. The standby time is amazing; and, I believe it has been, since 4.3. And, yeah, great minds think alike =)
  • I get awesome battery life from my note3. I don't know how I used a normal battery before. As for removable batteries. I don't care about the battery as much as I care about removable storage. Having an iPhone stunk when I wanted to offload images. For battery woes I have a 15000mah external battery from anker
  • Ya know, in regards to those Anker external batteries, I've had quite a few of them. And, although they work well (very well), I find that I didn't want to use them, as much as I thought I would. For me, having the battery capacity readily available (sans external batteries, cables, etc) is the best solution. I noticed that many (if not all) of the phablets have bigger capacity batteries, and thus better battery life than the smaller devices. I'm hoping that 2014 either brings better battery-efficient tech, bigger batteries in smaller form factors, bigger batteries in handsets (all size handsets), all of the above, or, at least, a combination thereof.
  • +9000
  • merc......Sammy is your father.....come to the dark
  • NO!!! Ok, I'll think about it, lol. I am seriously thinking about it, though.
  • Could I yell here about the #twitterfuckedupfollowparty. Its a mess! Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • or go droid maxx. not sure why not every phone is up to 3000mah or more. the tech is there. costs about $50 more for consumers (so much less for manufacturers)? it's mall enough. what's the downside?
  • Dang.......looks like one of those would pull you down to the bottom of the river. I'll call Don Vito.
  • You should have got the zerolemon 7500mah instead of the seidio. Posted via Android Central App
  • You must didn't read the article. Posted via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App
  • Lame attempt at advertising . Less talk more show please Posted via Android Central App
  • You must have missed the part where CES is over. Posted via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App
  • Hahahahahaha Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.
  • That brick looks as awesome as the old Motorola MicroTAC .. Sometimes while on the road removable batteries are a godsend especially when my phone is being used as both a hotspot and a gps. It burns through juice almost faster than it can recharge the battery! Also, about every year we have days of no power (storms) but thanks to back-up batteries for phones and laptops, we are able to still hotspot, watch Hulu/Netflix/HBO/Etc.. I will never buy a phone or laptop without removable batteries.
  • where can I get one of those AndroidCentral sticker for my phone