Sprint's pricing of the Epic 4G -- did they miss the 'sweet spot?'

By now everybody's heard that the Sprint Epic 4G will be available for sale August 31, for $249.99 on contract after the usual rebates.  Compare this to the Evo 4G (and most other 'top tier' Android smartphones as well) pricing at $199.99 after the same rebates, and on the same contract.  Quite a few seem to think that Sprint dropped the ball as far as pricing is concerned, and that the extra 50 clams will scare buyers off. 

Turns out that the guys and gals in the Epic 4G forums have already set up a poll about this very subject.  Have strong feelings one way or the other on this?  Hit the forums and let your voice be heard! [Android Central Epic 4G forums]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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